Trying to make someone lose their job. Many spells and petitions or just one?

So I’ve seen a few threads on here about a couple demons to write petitions to. Was thinking of doing that.
Keep it simple right just say such and such loses their job and don’t concern myself with the who what where why and how, right?
Would it be better to write the exact same petition to multiple demons for this? I’ve seen people say asking different demons is like asking the situation to be approached from different angles, but I want this to work. I don’t want it to be overkill you know.

Then I could make a jar, right? Write a petition, not including a demon, say such as such has lost their job like it already happened, vinegar, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder Hot sauce vervain poppyseeds , uhh glass? Rusty needles?
Any specific recommendations for herbs and such to use for this?
Should I do all this? If not which route should I take?

Do what feels right, but I would say try not to do multiple spells for the reason that you think one is weak - that mindset makes it weak as it’s you doing this work, and your mind and heart driving it.

Personally I’d work with the entities via evocation first ideally, and a petition if I didn’t have time for that.

You can petition multiple entities at once for a sort of team effort if you like, sure. It’s up to you.

Coffin nails are traditional or this sort of thing. You can buy them online at places like Etsy usually.
Maybe some hotfoot powder.

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