Trying to Identify

A spirit that appears in a horse, they are both black and looks like smoke, deep black color and the sound that you hear when he is approaching, is the sound of chains scraping the floor,he seems very agitated and noisy,it does looks like an agressive spirit.

so,first i heard the sounds and i tought that it could be someone trying to put down the door/window of the building,but no,for my surprise he poped up right infront of my face,with sounds of scream and stood there,the impression thats very intimidating,i got no response…
he just stood here for a few moments,well ok,day finished…next day i went to college ( 07:20pm > 11:20pm)i went back to home and could feel the density of the place when i opened the door,i went to my sofa to sleep a little bit,for my surprise,suddenly a bat made me wake up…
i was dreaming a saw the bat in a dream and i wook up with the bat passing trought my room ( really i never saw a BAT here where i live,on our farm i see alot as the room that i always sleep there,is full of bats,my family doesnt like to put modern things in farm(specially in house) so it is very rustic,so it is normal to sleep with 20-30 bats or even more in the room ( flying agitated sometimes,passing trought our ears lol,but we are acostumed with that …

so this all passed,and like 3 days later i was in my room about to sleep and i saw a leopard in a rock,just sitting there and watching me,the rock were inclined and he was there watching.

i got no response,just symbolism and activities during the night.

it seems that something was happening,not sure what really happened,by the end of the night again my living room on sofa,i was there a little bit cautious and feeling the presence in the house,i knew something was there,was hearing those noises of snakes like they were all around me,i started to hear a voice that spoke with me for a good ten minutes or so and i have no idea what kind of language was that,but he was speaking with no stop,the tone of his voice,for some reason made me remind me of the tone of voice that we have when we are explaining something to someone or narrating something big…

well thats it,now i am trying to identify them,to know what they want from me ( if they want something )

has any of you saw a spirit that presents like that?

have a good day you all



The only spirit I know of that appears as a small, black horse is Orobas (he appeared this way to Lon Milo DuQuette as described in his book My Life with the Spirits). I have no idea about the bat or leopard though.


Flauros can present himself as a leopard.
Black Deamon, on black horse, black smoke, loud noise, seems to me as Lucifer.
Other beings, lile snakes, bats or spiders quite offten go together with all kinds of Deamons or Spirits.
Eventually, your experience would become more meaningful after a while. Maybe you will become more interested in some specific current.
Good luck!


what you describe sound’s like a emition from a Baal deity.

You said it was trying to teach you or tell you about something in a language completly unknown to you.

Did it Sound like a modern language (something you may have witnessed on TV or somewhere around the Internet),


did it Sound really old and cryptic?

Sumerian and Enochian, as well as some other old languages sensed that way.

If it’s one of These, you still got the message.

Deity’s use These Older Languages (well, we sorcerers do aswell), becouse These are conveying much more then the raw words.

They actually hold a Energy, that is delivered with the Sound.

These Energys can be harnessed to cast.

They can - which is more importend in your case - be FELT, sensated;

They usually get decrypted a bit by your subconcious.

You can eather find yourself having dreams from it, that feel more like visions / not really like dreaming but very lucid, yet unreal - or you can activly incude self-hypnosis to get into the message and decrypt it.

If you want to decrypt it, get pen and paper Close to your sleeping place, aswell as Close to a place where you usually sit for longer periods of time.

I suggest for the self-hypnosis a sitting state.

you can also go into a lucid dream, but i wouldn’t suggest that on a beginner.
It’s rather overly potent, and less controlable.

To induce the hypnosis, have calm Music and a candle to gaze at, in front of you.

(the candle act’s as a Portal if necessary, but normally it’s well fine if it just calms and focuses you.)

go from looking at the candle more and more into leaving out every other Sensation then the candle in front of you.

while that, you may try to remember the Events, but don’t overfocus on that just yet.

Just relax into the Sensation, that’s way bigger priority.

While that, you’ll feel tranquilized. like as if your Body falls asleep.
Allow that.
Actually, go deeper and deeper inside of yourself,
loose the candle in front of you, when all the rest of the room disappeared allready (just like it disappears when you read focused, or Play Video games, or watch movie.)

At this stage you should feel only a strange Sensation, as your Body drifts away from yourself aswell.
You now loose the candle in front of you, and drop your view upwards into your skull.

(dropping it downwards will result in going to your nable, while dropping upwards allows you to pass the zeal Chakra and seddle inside of your heart.)

from there on, you should be completly at the crossroads.

This world, just doesn’t exist to you anymore.
Your Body doesn’t exist anymore.
All you are, at that Point, is calm, sleepy awareness.

At that Point, eather call the deity to come to you, and appear to you, and talk to you in your language so you can understand.

  • or, go back in the Memory, and process the original message, and learn about it.

In that stage, you’re actually well capable of understanding any language, no matter if you normally know it or not.

From that expierience, come back, and make your notes.

Don’t worry, if you Need several attempts, to convey the full message, that happens to anyone who’s relativly new in working through a Gnosis like that.

When you find the gap between the states to big, and have hard time remembering, take a Totem with you. Some item you posess and value a lot, and is uncommon enough to make you sure it’s personal.
It then haves to be re-created in the crossroads, so you can ancor it between the worlds.

that way, you also made your first protective charm, which will help you accessing These crossroads more controlled and more savely.

oh and of Course, if you feel like sharing your expiriences, we’re happy to hear about your Progress. :wink:




really? Lucifuge Rofocale, maybe…
But Lucifer?

Hardly ever seen him in Black. :wink:




Yes, once, black completly. Black horse and black smoke, strong vibrating noise, hard to describe really. Something I will remember all my life.
Can’t say for sure, but it seems to me like Lucifer.


Well, good. It just wondered me. :wink:


thanks for the responses,as a curious foreigner that i am,i will dive in the subject to discover

old and cryptic,like he was explaning something without introduct himself,he just came and started to speak in my head when i was in my computers,i saw a spark of light passing trough my left eye and he started to talk