Trying to heal a gap

Not to long ago I had to basically evacuate from a bit of a no good situation. Before that time I had a strong relationship with the angels. I had a deep connection to them and a friendship. But after my experiences that I had where I came from, I felt it had tarnished it quite a bit to the point I would become salty and hurt when ever I would think of the times there. I am sick of having this in me and wish to rid of it to possibly go back having some kind of connection to the angels. Your possibly asking why would I want to, especially after what I went though, what in a lot of ways they put me though. And the answer to that is simply because I desire friendship over bitterness. I desire harmony over chaos and needless war.
So my question is, to anyone that may know, what be the best way of healing this? Even if it means the potential outcome that might be in place that I won’t be surprised if it is true (especially from Urils stand point). I’m just tired of this bickering and just want to having harmony back in my life.

I could see this going two ways:

  1. Get in touch and have the conversation, like any relationship that is sour, try to find the common ground to rebuild that bridge.
  2. Are they ‘warring’ with you? Show them who’s actually the boss of you, banish and don’t look back. They lost the privilege of talking to you, and they I don’t see why you’d want to try to trust them after they messed you about once.

I’m never impressed by entities (or people) that think they can walk over me, so I vote for (2) right now.
Who needs the hassle of assholes aggravating you really? What have they actually got that you care about? Get rid of them permanently. No mercy, no forgiveness, they’ll only abuse it.

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Thanks for this. It is one of the things that I’m working on right now. It’s still hard to believe that any of that happen. I do have a good standing with one and wish to continue with having good standings.
But to answer your other question why. I suppose because I have history with them. This history with them is deep in me. I know I need to move on and not just crawl back to them and just be yet again blocked from my true self.
I will continue to meditate on this and see what healing I can do at least for my self that way I can make peace with myself and move on.

So People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It’s ok for thier time to be done.

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True true. I agree with you.