Trying to get "rid of somone online, who's been bothering me for 7 ish months

So there is this person I would like to get rid of, out of my life. And preferbly through punishment means to say the least.

The issue is I only know her first name and adress but not her last name face or even birthday.
I am getting very sick and tired of her in my life.
And she usses levrage over me I cant do anything about.

I must admit I have tried etsy curses like 3 or so months back to no avail.

So with all due respect to the community, I am in desperate need for help and advice.
I have practiced magick myself in the past but am, far from an expert in it and it has not fully worked for me.

I thank you humbly, as I feel this place is the only place left that may be able to help me.

Here’s a sigil. Just whisper this person’s name (first name only is fine) into it and they will be banished from your life. Since you’re dealing with this person online, I’d also recommend blocking them. :slight_smile:


@Doombay13 Please answer the questions i have asked you in order to complete your introduction.

Thank you, I have done it, how long does it take?
Also I am unable to block her due to the circomstances of her levrage against me.

So I would personally like to emphasize a curse on her.

May I bump this.

Have you tried asking universe to get rid of her? I know it sounds cheesy but it can really work. If the goetia or my spirit refuses my request I ask universe and receive with high success rate.

So basically just pray or more akin to speak to the universe?

No I have not tried that to be honest.

Yes it can work really and it’s simple. God does not listen when I ask him for stuff so I rely on the universe.

I aksed it, an hour ago. How long would you think it take for effect?

It’s got a time delay so it can take days or weeks. Also depends if you’re in a good mood/vibing, that can help too because you “vibrate” more. You need to do it more frequently also.

You could try searching for “cord cutting” on this forum and see if you find anything that might work for you (maybe even mix and match from different spells)
or google “Emoji Magick” or “Chaos Magick” and “Emoji”

Full name, image, date of birth, place of residence, name of parents, spouse, children and pets etc. all help to pinpoint the target and your connection. If you are able to make an energetic connection to your target you can still make it work when you only know the first name.

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Honestly man I am barely in a good mood due to her unfortunatly I do try is all.

Thanks you I’ll look up emoji and cord cutting some more I suppose.

Again tho I can’t find out her full name I do know she has a smaller sister, also just her first name tho. Pherhaps her family orientation would help specify.

That said, I don’t think I am able to sense energy let alone direct it unfrotutly.

It might be enough to recall and feel how your target makes you feel, even the feeling she gives off for you when she’s just present and not directing her attention to you. If you are able to focus on that feeling a bit, you could notice that there’s something specific in that energy for your target. The way she makes you feel when she’s present and when you are interacting that is your connection.

You don’t necessarily have to redirect energy or do anything with it, just recall how you target generally makes you feel when doing your spell is usually enough to make an energetic connection. If you have a picture of your target that would help too. But my guess is, maybe even a specific avatar your target uses online and that you associate with your target might work as well. But that’s just a theory, haven’t tried that myself.

Thank you a lot bud. I will try that again as you said I have to try this several times anyway. I will try to meditate on that feeling and do my best to focus on the whole vibe to use it.

Apreciate it

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My pleasure, I hope you succeed.

You are right about this :slight_smile:
This is an effective tactic for reaching a target, coupled with the energy from the person.

To @Doombay13 :
I highly suggest employing some invisibility spells on yourself as well as forgetfulness spells on her. Flinging curses is fine, but it’s not doing what you really need or want for yourself, at least not on their own. For now you want to get rid of the bad energy she’s putting out and lessen the leverage she has on you.

I recently helped someone deal with a blackmailing situation which had spawned from catfishing. The blackmailer was in a different country, fake picture, I didn’t have any real info on them either. Even if the situation is not exact for you, the methods should help or give you an idea of what to do

For the person who was victim of this, I told them to get a piece of obsidian and carry it with them everywhere for a bit, hold it when they feel agitated by the situation. Obsidian is great for obliterating negative energies and emotions. For defense situations you want a polished piece, for offense sharper is better. You can get both if you want, but a polished piece is my best recommendation for now.

Maybe that sounds simple, but you have more control over the situation than you think you do. It’s kind of like a first step in not letting her have power over you. Makes it much easier for other magick to take effect afterwards.

I put invisibility on them to shield them from the blackmailer, that was more directed from my own energy. There are plenty of spirits out there that can help with invisibility if you don’t think you can manage it yourself yet.

Towards the blackmailer, I did forgetfulness spells so that they would leave this person and their family alone. My methods are a bit unconventional for that, chaos magick. This post is getting kinda long so I’ll save that for another if anyone’s actually interested lol

Unfortunately there’s no way to know if any baneful retaliation has hit the blackmailer, but nonetheless, I cursed them so that they will eventually get in a lot of trouble for what they do. I have a very close relationship with Belial and I trust that he will see this blackmailer gets their comeuppance in due time.

Anyway, despite having no real information on the blackmailer, I was able to get them to not follow through on their threats and to leave my friend alone. More importantly, my friend is much better off mentally and emotionally after all these workings.

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What a coincidence,
This girl I am talking to is doing exactlty that to me blackmailing me, for quite some money…
I was too scared to talk about it, but thanks

I will see where I can buy any sort of obsidian first of all and that invisibility does sound like a good idea. Cuz I do know information about myself naturally so.


I really hope this works

GOM 72 Andromalius. To bind those who would extort you

Oh- for future reference - you dont really need names etc. Emotion or feeling will work most of the time