Trying to get back into the occult but I hit a block last time, help?

I’ll try to keep this short.

I won’t say I was a full blown armchair , I put some decent effort in but I felt like I hit my peak a few months after I started practicing regularly but after that everything fell off hard. I sure as hell didn’t practice as much as some of the others on these forums.

I was mediating and trying to make contact almost daily , I was APing when I went to sleep , I even had what I assume was a goetic wake me up by tugging on my arm and appear to me in SP.

It was literally one of the most surreal experiences that I can’t explain to this day. There where nights where I’d meditate outside and outside of my circle I’d hear footsteps stop right in front of me. I’ve seen auras of things that weren’t there, etc.

After I got more comfortable and after the above spirit reassuring me there’s nothing to fear by saying “don’t be afraid” ( I realize now this is what she?meant ) I started evoking and making requests/petitions.

I had a few successes that I’m thankful for but as time went on things slowly stopped.

It’s almost as if right when my senses where starting to heighten they became closed off. Like I hit a wall.

I stopped seeing synchronicity in my magick. The more I tried the further I pushed things away.

There where nights where I’d work for hours on hours trying to evoke, develop my senses , etc.

Nothing every time. Not a shadow , a popping candle wick , a shift in energy, a face looking back at me in my scrying mirror, etc

I’ve realized that the occult is something I’m actually truly passionate about and when I take breaks I always feel that strong pull to come back , ya know ? There’s no doubt it’s meant to be apart of my life

I don’t know if hit a block or if maybe I’m expecting too much ? Take clairaudience for ex. Telepathy isn’t enough for me. When I evoke a goetic I want to be able to have an audible conversation and see some sort of shadow or feel that sharp energy shift in the room.

I’m gonna ease back into it and go a little slower this time but do you guys have any advice ? I feel a little discouraged

I’d ask a mentor for help but how would I be able to receive my feedback ?

Take it easy. Don’t try to force it, let it come naturally to you. Have a child-like openness to magick.

And don’t expect dramatic signs, sometimes you don’t feel anything when you call on a spirit but you get a result and sometimes you feel a great presence but get 0 results.

Yeah this comes with practice but don’t seek it during ritual, you will end up dissappointed.
Be open though and accept that it might happen. Don’t try to force it.

Your lusting for results with magick. When you develop your senses , don’t limit it to just magick focus. Focus on developing your 6th or 7th sensitivity skills to enhance all areas of your life not just magick focus. I think that’s the problem from what i read. Limiting to one specific area of being magick blocks off stuff. Develop your senses from focus of improving everyday life interactions. not just when you want to do magick.