Trying to figure out my path

Lately I’ve been studying so many different branches of The Left Hand Path, different demons, different traditions, pantheons, etc. I am now at a point where I just don’t know what to focus on. I’ve learned a lot, but trying to figure out how to REALLY integrate knowledge into practice. I don’t know what spirits to begin with or what practices to focus on. I don’t think anyone can really tell me. Just kind of venting I guess.


Just focus on your magical basics for the moment then. I too struggle with deciding in which direction to take my magick, so when I’m stuck, I like to focus my practice on things like energy work, banishing/shielding/warding/clearing, sensory enhancement, trancework, and other foundational practices that help to build and maintain my skills. Such things are required in every tradition and magical system so the work is easily transferable to any path you choose to walk or spirits you choose to work with.


There is no good place to begin , pick your best results and expand on those .


I’ve had the same problem, not regarding magick specifically, but personal development in general. I was spending most of my time researching the best teachers, the most powerful techniques, the most effective training methods - instead of actually practicing diligently.

While I accumulated a lot of theoretical knowledge, my physical condition was in poor shape and my actual ability and experience was practically non-existent.

In the end, what’s really important is to just focus on the practice. Rather than intellectualizing and over-analyzing with the mind about all these subjects - it can be good to experience things with your body and then come to your own conclusions based on those experiences. Starting from the fundamentals and then building upon that.

Of course, it is extremely beneficial to learn from an experienced teacher and compare notes with others, but it all boils down to what you get out of it all. Your own actions and personal training are where all the results come from.

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You sound like me, too much research and analysis. Which causes overthinking and confusion.

I guess we had to do the groundwork but really magick is all practical and reading and research etc means you never actually make a real start.

If your wanting a more simple approach and safer way to break the ice you could try demons of magick a book on amazon.

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I know that can be overwhelming and confusing to the mind lol. You’re on brain overload. The best thing you can do at this point is nothing. Put the books away, and everything else. Do no magick. Take a break from it all, and try to relax and put your mind at ease. The answers will come, but it cannot be forced. You can try simple relaxation meditations for a time, and before long your answers will come. I’ve been thru this myself. Too much information. By relaxing and not thinking on it, whatever path you are meant for will become clear. My advice, is not to rush with any of this, take your time.