Trying to evoke Mepsitahl became my nightmare

It was yesterday I tried an evocation. Me with some of my friends planned to evoke Mepsitahl as we heard she was one of the kindest and easiest spirit. I was the last one to tried, My other two friends slight presence of her so I thought it would be same with me.

When i started it was totally normal, I have read many books and was at a conclusion that chants could be build up by ourselves and used but I kind of mixed what i found on internet with what i made up myself.

everything was all good I started , I didn’t felt anything until I focused on the sigil which had drawn within a circle with candle and some other materials. As I started focusing on candle’s flame the more deemed it got. And just for a second it got so deemed the flames of candle became black.

I felt like it was a nightmare, I immediately turned of the flames. and slept. I had kept her sigil beside the pillow and it felt as if someone grabbed my hand and I couldn’t sleep so I thought it could be some kind of sign so I kept it beside my pillow but again I heard a whisper of a women in deep voice saying something starting from S. I was too scared to remember those words but they were in sequence and came to me 2 times. But what was really scary is that I couldn’t move at that moment i froze. And I felt I am floating but when I opened my eyes everything seemed normal.

I just have one question, Did I did some mistake or is it normal?

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Welcome to the forum.

It is a rule here that all new members must properly introduce themselves so please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

Was this attempt to contact Mepsitahl your first experience in magick?

If not, what systems or methods do you have experience in?

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Sounds pretty calming to me, I wouldn’t worry about it. Never panic.

Just a spirit saying hi, you said you heard a voice?

Is soyam your real name?

Also, go to the new magicians tread and introduce yourself.


Hi welcome,
It sounds like you were touched but you should introduce your self so that we get a feeling to who you are soyam. What language did the spirit speak to you in ?

I have no idea what she even spoke to me, I was too feared to notice

@triplex_mico Welcome to the BALG Community, thank you for sharing with us, I hope you find the knowledge you seek.