Trying to do shadow work

So tonight I was watching a video, and the lady In the video was talking about “black magick” and she mentioned doing shadow work. She said to clear your space with sage or palo Santo (which i did) turn off all the lights and to light a black candle and meditate while looking into a mirror and call on your shadow self. I tried that and everytime I get into wanting to do spiritual work but I’m in pitch black, I get nervous and decide to quit. I got nervous. Any advice for doing shadow work and overcoming fear? Thank you all.

Yeah, just do it.

If I had a better answer id tell you but honestly magick is not a research topic it is very experience based.

And very individualistic.

The same thing will happen if you try to meditate without any help. Your mind will be starved of thought and you will see how much control you really have over yourself.

Fast for the next 48 hours
Then try again.


lol… here is the irony. You started to feel fear and quit. Guess what… that was your shadow showing up! Stick with it next time


The purpose of shadow work isn’t to not fear shadow work. It is to face your fear so that you can conquer it. When you feel fear, be with it, accept it, get to know it. Knowing your fear is knowing yourself. If you go into shadow work and do not feel fear, You are not doing it right.


Yeah man slay the dragon confront the ugliest parts of you and tame them or else theyll destroy you later.



If you need some help jump starting your shadow work Id reccommend calling up Lucifer. Hes lightning up the dark places.


Shadow working is very intense and powerful. The fact you stirred an emotional response proves that you were definitely on the right track. As mentioned above, the best advice would be to sit with it and dive into that fear. As they say, courage is not the absence of fear but to experience fear and face it anyways.


So I re tried it and I didnt feel any fear this time. Just curiosity. I did notice anything different either. Any advice, or good recommendations on books, videos, or links for shadow work?

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This may be helpful. This article comes from more of the psychological aspect of things. But then again, the lines between the psychological and the magical are often blurred. Hope this helps in some way


What’s your aim in this kind of work?

Focus on that. Fear’s a lot easier to conquer if you’re mindful of the stakes and that you’re not fuckin around.

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Lol i actually was reading some of this the other night that I posted this but I honestly didn’t try to actually read it and understand it all

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Understanding the duality of my spiritual self and I guess just trying to understand more about the shadow self, just as if I were trying to understand and contact my higher self

Knowledge isn’t gonna cut it as a purpose which will help you overcome fear in this.

You know your shadow self, because it is a part of you. And because it is a part of you, it not only knows your deepest fears, insecurities, and self-loathings, it EMBODIES and FLAUNTS them, and it will taunt and torture you into a puddle of tears and shit-yourself dread the likes of which most pissed off demons can’t even equal if you evoke this thing and are not ready to face with with a magician’s focus.


Chakra work can make shadow work easier. Make sure your main chakras are balanced. This is what helped me confront my shadow.

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That video made me reflect

Since we are talking about Shadow Self, can never ever a human being ever have the grace to understand another human being? Or only until the man understands himself, can he look at others without reflecting himself?
Because if we are condemned by ourselves to always reflect ourselves, despite being something reslly positive in certain aspects, it is also negative, because we are deprived of understanding to others, it’s like a prison where there is only one “Me”


Empathy’s a thing.


Lilith did it for me. I just let her take control and work threw me.