Trying to contact bune

Hi everyone here my Friend, at really very sorry for my poor English writing please try to understand.

I tried to contact bune I am really facing hardships for money … Because of money facing family issues Bebe homeless once most of the time no food also… So tried selling my soul I guess I failed there as its been more then a year no reply then I tried with buna wrote petition did offering as much I am capable but could not see Any noticable changes from last 6/7months so I tried it again today … Today when I was doing so I did not see Any one phisically though in water I saw someone with hoodie then suddenly I started having so much headache may be she was present there… I did not know what to do with the offering if I go flush it in toilet may be bune will upset thinking I have thrown her offerings in toilet so I did not dare to do that after thinking so much I ate them drank them … I burn the petition and the paper where I draw sigil and droppmy blood as well I burnt them both and thrown the ashes in running water…
I don’t know my prayers will be answerd or not but hopping for best