Do the entities we talk with always speak in absolute truth, no matter what the question?

Speaking of hearing spirits, perhaps a box lid of sand and a stick? Might be a viable alternative compared to this Helen Keller routine of mine.

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Mankind is biased

We hear what we wanna hear.
So we will likely not get the full picture.
Doesn’t mean they are lying they are simply explaining things in away we’re we can understand.


Perhaps. Unless a human can be courageous enough to hear truth as well as speak it.

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So … The box of sand and stick. Can spirits use the stick without a humanoid shell? I mean, look at the Ouija board. Just taking the ambience and corporation out of the picture, so a communication tool could be used.

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probably not.
A human shell is likely required.

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And Ouija boards would be different?

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There are a lot of factors that come in when trying to get a spirit to operate something physical without a human shell directly helping.

Ouija boards I know can move on their own but only If a powerful Force/Spirit is actively working on it not just some spirit of the dead can do that.


The entities i work with the most are known “gods of deception” hence all the precautions in Bmoa. The big one being “you rise they meet their goal of destroying limits , if you die as a result they still meet their goal of destroying limits.” Hence all the insurance policies built into the work.

The old ones are of a similar temperament, they don’t deny much when it comes to the work one wants to dive into. Buuuuuut like in the new “doctor strange movie” they kinda put the warnings in the back lol.

Also on an interesting note there is one Div that ONLY speaks in lies period. But this too has a use of learning to see through lies cause for a lie to be believable and considered plausible but most it has to have some ground in truth.