Truth through fear & nightmares

If anyone’s read my intro I’m dealing with some rough shit and I need help getting truth of certain things. I’ve been trying to find a way to force the truth to come out about my innocence and those involved to pay dearly for costing me my marriage and kids.

I’m looking for demons/entities that could instill massive amounts of nightmares and fear in order to tell me the truth face to face in order for the craziness to stop and things go back to normal for them. Does anything like that exist?

I’m magically fucked right now and trying to get my mojo back so any helps appreciated.

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Has Belial been suggested yet? He has helped people in custody cases and wrongful things splitting up families before on here, my info below and search his name + custody to see where he intervened in family matters for people:

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I’ve been trying to connect with Belial to rip my spiritual senses/powers open again. Also guide me to help get spiritual and financial wealth. Didn’t think he’d be interested in truth and justice I thought that was more Azazel- who refuses to answer me lol. I was gonna try Dra’talon but don’t want death…yet. I want a full blown confession and those guilty to suffer first judicially then by our gods.

He’s interested in fucking with courts and legal things, sticking it to authority in general. He’s powerful and motivated.