Truth & Reconciliation

Ohhhh thanks! I’m reading through a post about the book, but got a bit alarmed by the blog that I mentioned before and thought it had been you reporting that, sorry.

I’m slightly concerned about the disruptions people report in general, but not enough as to not to try them :sweat_smile: Change demands it, I guess. Hope your pathworking brings you what you seek.

I’m much more attuned to law of assumption way of working than to anything else, but AoO seem to focus a lot on internal changes and thought that was interesting. Your journal is super interesting and has the same effect on me as reading Neville, so thanks, btw

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Going through a rough period, a shake-up, a dark night of the soul, etc., sometimes is necessary. We have to clear the way for new things by leaving old things behind. :slight_smile: Mark 2:22 –

And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins.

AoO and the Law have that in common - internally-focused, “no one to change but self”. We change our outer circumstances by changing our inner world; as above, so below.

Thank you for the kind words too, I appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: good luck dear :bouquet:


Tuesday, May 11th

I’ve been meaning to buy an actual physical Bible, and thought about ordering one online, or worse, going to the bookstore and buying one. Instead, I came home this weekend just past with a “family heirloom” King James bible which my parents gave me. Seems like it was given by my great-grandparents to my dad’s parents, as a wedding or engagement gift, perhaps. The pages still bear all their worn gilt edges, but the glue holding the leather cover to its bindings has long since worn away. Still, a functional book.

On the first inside leaf, is an inscription,

"to [nickname] and [nickname], from Mum & Dad.
"I love the sacred Book of God,
"No other shall its place supply,
"It points me to the Lamb of God,
“and bids me from destruction fly.”

If I look up this rhyme, I find the hymn it seems to have been based on —

I love the sacred book of God,
no other can its place supply
it points me to the saints’ abode
and lifts my joyful thoughts on high.

Bless’d book! In thee my eyes discern
the image of my absent Lord:
from thine instructive page I learn
the joys his presence will afford.

But while I’m here, thou shalt supply
His place, and tell me of his love:
I’ll read with faith’s discerning eye,
and thus partake of joys above.

…On the title page is also the rough rectangle I cut out of the book when I was sixteen or seventeen, so I could try using it to roll a joint. :grimacing: :expressionless: So, I suppose I’ve marked the family heirloom bible myself then, in my own way.

Free food again today. And a few days past, a blatant signal of movement from another goal I’ve been working towards. Other inner things, self-concept and such, have been doubling their returns.

I have been making offerings to Bune/Bimé over the past few weeks, and had a few fruitless attempts last week at making some witchy concoction for a spell jar, which I fucked up two nights running (burning the bottom of two saucepans :upside_down_face:) before deciding fuck it, I don’t need to brew a tea, and just throwing most of my ingredients into a jar I’d already prepared with blood. Some of the other ingredients I’m leery of adding. I intend to seal the jar shut with wax, and yet I recognise it still probably needs to be aired out every so often, and adding those other ingredients would only increase how often that’s needed.

I used the Oraculum/Napoleon’s Book of Fate to look into my future (although, truly, I believe we cause our own futures. Which is why I’ve put the tarot decks aside for the time being, although certainly others’ readings for me have proven to be true…).

Question: Will I be successful in my future endeavours? (My long-term goals?)

Answer: “Interest will procure thee preferment to great trust”.

Sounds good to me. :+1:

I’m still kind of on hiatus, except for my Law of Consciousness workings and little experiments, and the occasional experimental pathworking here and there.

With my primary focus being on the Law, it was a bit odd to reconcile my continued dabbling with rituals and other workings. Despite that, I personally think the Law is the mechanism underlying all rituals and magical workings, so it’s no longer really a challenge or anything I grapple with. The Law is used for my overarching goal, and rituals are used for “smaller” things – things I want/expect/intend, but don’t wish to depart too far from my Law workings to focus on them.

Wednesday, May 12th

Today my boss called me into her office and told me I was getting a pay rise.

Let’s recall – I’ve been giving gifts and offerings to Bune here and there for a few weeks, no formal calling on her. Just leaving her oranges and sparkling wine, lighting a green candle and incense.

Last night I burned a green candle over the jar to seal it. After it had burned for a while I got impatient with its lack of seal so I tilted the jar and held the soft wax to the flame to get an even seal.

It was very surprising when it dripped down one side of the jar and turned completely black:

Didn’t know quite what to make of this. The candle I burned over the jar is a very pale green. You can see below, on the left, the translucent green on one side, and on the other, uniform black wax. I haven’t seen anything like this before.

For this spell jar, I didn’t do much. I adjusted my thoughts about money, and simply reminded myself I am abundant, a conduit for wealth, have more money than I can spend, and am never left wanting. I didn’t meditate over the jar, or really focus on channeling intent into it, I just threw it together and decided this object was the focal point of my general intent… does that make sense?

The spell jar contents:

  • Menstrual blood (my menses still coinciding with the new moon), as a symbol of rebirth and clearing out the old to make way for the new;
  • Water, for the flowing and ever-changing nature of wealth, for its capacity to shape itself to any given vessel,
  • Cinnamon, for appeal and attraction,
  • Cannabis, for the feeling of dual circuitry, and to make distinct the mind-body connection,
  • Mullein, as a carrier,
  • Mugwort, for dreamlike ease,
  • Skullcap, for effortless relaxation,
  • Coffee, for quickening the working.

I thought about adding sparkling wine and the juice of a fresh orange but I didn’t want to have it ferment and therefore require regular airing out of the jar.

So, thank you Bimé, and may our future endeavours be as speedy and successful. :pray:


As always an incredible journal. Interesting about the Bible though🤔 i love how you slowly seem to be achieving “god/goddess” status in that all your wants and needs are being fulfilled not by you asking but by you knowing they will be and that you are deserving. It’s probably the greatest motivation for me to pull past my dislike of Neville’s verbage and just spend the next few days reading the book I started with him. Im still struggling with understanding it but I might adopt a fuck it attitude and understand what I understand and then read it over again similar to how I used to treat the Bible. Either way I love reading your progress and am happy for you!


Thanks love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As you may be able to tell, I personally love Neville’s manner of writing, because I’m prone to writing like a know-it-all twat in a very similar manner :stuck_out_tongue: truth is I just love language, I love its twists and turns. Reading and writing is something we take for granted in developed nations, but there was once a time when it was a skill only afforded to the rich and privileged. Never underestimate the power of words.

Yup, basically this. Usually you can find something new to latch on to, each time you read.


Thursday, May 13th, 2020

this entry is just for me. a v2 poem following reflection.

my muse – Traveling Song

oh what I wouldn’t spend to lend you mine


a feast for life and a greater feast for death.
a feast every day in your hearts.
a light before thine eyes, o prophet,
a light undesired, most desirable.
a veil, that veil is black,
it is the veil of Abrahadabra.

There is a word after Him,
whence I say not who shall discover the key of it all.
This line is drawn.

All penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth
and her lithe body arched for love
and all these mysteries hidden therein:
Prophet unto God, I adore thee;
In the song I am.

All sacred, and all prophets true,
save they that understand only little.
Before all men then will I lift her to pinnacles of power.
Then will I breed.

Behold, there is a splendour in my name,
hidden and glorious as the sun of midnight.
Behold, there are three ordeals in one
and it may be given in three ways.
Death shall be lovely, who so see it shall be glad.
Thy death shall be the seal of the Promise.

Ye shall be as ye are & not other:
Kings of dissolution and eternal ecstasy.
Always in the love of Me,
and so shall ye come to my joy.

I am infinite space and the infinite stars.
I am the Empress & the Hierophant.

Mightier than all the kings of earth,
I will fill her with joy — with my force shall —
my secret centre, my heart & my tongue.

Hail ye twin warriors, the pillars of the world.
Not of the slaves that perish, be they damned & dead.

Ordeals write unto us;
the rituals write unto us the Law.

But she said, “The ordeals I promise.
“Of our agelong love, come lift up thine heart & rejoice.
"We are one.”

Service ye do well, & I will reward you here and hereafter.
Fear not, o prophet,
for pure will, unassuaged by purpose,
delivered from the lust of result,
shall with this knowledge make aright.

I am the flame that burns in every heart of man.
There is a secret door that I shall make to establish.
The intimate fire; yet to all it shall seem beautiful.
Come forth, o children under the stars,
and take your fill of love.
My number is 11 – is all.

These shall breed lust & power of lust in you.
At the eating thereof, ye shall be.

This that thou writest is the threefold writ of Law.
Unto thee,
the length of thy longing
shall be the strength of thy glory.


Saturday, May 15th

I notice in my last post I put “2020” at the end of the date :woman_facepalming: whoops. It’s because I’ve been going back through my dream journal and properly dating everything.

Apparently in 2016 I had a dream about Belial. This is purely going by the date I uploaded a txt file to my dropbox account/the title of the txt document. At the time I was not actively practicing and had never worked directly with Goetic demons… I think. How did I know of Belial back then and why did he show up in my dream? :thinking:

The dream

"Belial in my dream. We were underground hiding in a cave, people were searching for us. A party broke out in the cave. People were passing around a giant egg (like ostrich-sized or larger) and drinking from it. Its inner flesh was white with black spots.
"Someone found a similar (or the same?) smashed egg on the ground outside, and everyone began to panic. Apparently the eggs were VERY important. Someone looked at me with suspicion so I grabbed a nearby girl and starting shaking her and accusing her, demanding to know why she smashed the egg. She was was screaming and crying hysterically, saying she didn’t. The hivemind of the party turned on her, and I left.
"Each time I tried to escape the area, I kept ending up back at the party somehow. Belial was there again waiting for me. He was blonde, average height, average attractiveness, but alluring, and nicely dressed. We left and took a random elevator down, came out in New York city, and wandered around together. He enchanted a girl right in front of me.
“He reminds me of [toxic dom ex-bf].”

Edit: I would like to one day sit down and try and decode every dream of the past. I notice a lot of recurring themes. But it seems somewhat pointless, and rather that I should build my own reference chart for dream symbology. If you look up literally any dream meaning online it’s like:

Meanings of eating sandwich in dream
What does it mean if you dreamed of eating a sandwich?

Eating a sandwich in a dream means you are about to receive incredibly good news in your daily life! You might win the lotto or be given a brand new car for free. You will have amazing relationships with friends, family, and lovers alike.

Alternatively, eating a sandwich in your dream means that North Korea is stockpiling nuclear weapons or that you are in severe danger of being trampled by a runaway horse stampede. Also, avoid visiting the doctor because eating a sandwich in a dream means you are probably going to get horrible news about your health.

Meanwhile, not much else to report. I went to do an evocation of Sandalphon the other night and fell asleep :frowning: after I’d felt his presence too. I am sorry. Last night I went to do another pathworking and fell asleep again. :confused:

Today I had an interesting experience in meditation where I experienced sliding sideways, forward, backwards, in all directions through infinite (almost) identical dimensions. Experiencing the bodily sense of movement to go with it. Don’t know how else to explain it.

That sense of being a 4D object casting a 3D shadow – our daily human self.

Following this, I daydreamed for a while and then did some focused SATS. I came out of it feeling pretty good, neutral. An hour or two later in the day I found myself questioning “do I even want ____?”, the thing I’d just done SATS sessions for. Usually this is a good indication I’m on the right track. Note, it’s not the feeling of “I don’t want X” but “I can be 100% happy and fulfilled without X, and there may even be better things than X for me”, and the feeling of not having X doesn’t fill me with dread.

From the BALG bookclub thread –

Let’s see, what else. I know I have (will) performed a ritual in the future, because I’d been thinking of doing so in the past and I’ve already begun seeing it bear fruit in the (relative) present.

I’ve been thinking about another branch of time experiments I did, but they were not very methodical. Mostly just dipping my toes in by doing minor harmless things like… say a coworker would wince and complain they’d just gotten a random pain in their arm out of the blue. I would then, hours or days later, go into trance, picture myself flipping back through a calendar or through a clock, and then in first person I’d witness the scene from my disembodied POV, and slap my coworker on the arm. Just stupid shit like that, to get me used to dabbling with time.

One I’m mulling over is the moment is a consumable gift I gave someone, months ago. I thought about instilling it with some kind of intent for an outcome I wanted from them, but I forgot about doing the ritual until it was too late. So instead I intentionally set an “anchor” memory of me holding the item, a few minutes before I gave it to them.

What I will do (once I have the time and energy) is “go back” to that anchor moment, and perform the ritual in that little displaced bubble of time. It’ll be interesting to see if it has immediate strong effects, since technically it has had months to come to fruition. :smiling_imp:

Will end this rather lazy entry with a quote. I thought it was a quote from one of Neville Goddard’s lectures but can’t find its source.

[Our] thoughts do not recede into the past. Rather, they advance into the future to confront us, so that we may see that which we have planted, either wisely or unwisely.

If you want to change your future, change your present thoughts in the now.

And remember… from our limited viewpoint, life is nothing but an unending series of “nows”. :wink:


@Veil, if you don’t mind me asking, what were your results with the subliminals? I know here in your journal you mentioned an increase in the manifestation of your intentions, but were there any other results?


Hmm. Good question. I don’t use them in a focused way, only passively. I suppose I would say they’ve made me more mentally resilient, more open to synchronicity, and laid a general foundation for all of my practice. I never doubt my workings. At all. Nor do I doubt or discount coincidences and synchronities. Feeling generally more in control over my own world.

But of course, all of those can also be attributed to other work I’ve done since I began listening to them months ago. :thinking:

I’ll have to start listening to some physical change subliminals and see if they have a marked effect.


Thanks for the answer. I’ve listened to the Concordia Booster for a month straight and didn’t notice any effect, but it’s only been a week or so with the playlist you were kind enough to provide me, and I’ve taken quite a few days off in between.

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Of course, friend :slight_smile: i’ve gotten into the habit of listening about 4 hours daily minimum, sometimes up to about 16 hours. While at work, or at home, I just put it on in the background while I work or watch shows or films or browse Reddit or whatever. It is quite hard to say if the playlist itself has been the sole agent in how I’ve progressed, or if there’s other things to be taken into account. But I figure it will, at very least, be a minor helpful influence in my day to day mood and my practice. So I keep up with it.


I mainly sleep to the subs so I listen 5-7 hours, depending on how much sleep I am lucky enough to get. Never played them while doing daily stuff though. Might try that. :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard some say that they are most useful at the alpha and theta states, not so much at deep sleep stages. Also, some people like to use them to actively meditate, similar to Goddard’s SATS or Murphy’s self-hypnosis. I like to listen to them during the day so whenever I happen to dip into alpha state, my lil subconscious brain is getting bombarded. :smiley:


Tuesday, May 25th

So we are due for a Veil ramble, I think.


After such a nice (overnight) success with my Bimé/Bune-inspired money jar, I decided to add another element to it: burrs. There’s this annoying, fast-growing weed (don’t know if it’s specific to my country) that when you brush past it, it covers you in burrs. So you walk inside and your socks and jeans have all these thin little burrs stuck to them. Today I collected all the burrs which stuck to me, added them to my money jar, and gave it a good shake. I’ll light another green candle over it and offer incense to Bune later this evening. But I figure it’s a good ingredient correspondence-wise: money sticks to me effortlessly, everywhere I go, with no effort on my part.

My honey jar/love spell jar is still going. The one thing I regret would do differently is that I wanted it to be very red, but my dumb ass forgot I had red food colouring, so I used a tiny amount of non-toxic, red watercolour paint. Obviously non-toxic != edible — just means you won’t die if you ingest it.

And I do. Every so often, I’ll give the jar a shake, take the lid off to air it out, and then I take an eyedropper’s worth of its contents and put a single drop into a glass of red wine… and consume it. I dare not think about the state of the contents of the jar, since it’s been fermenting for months, and it contains contents which… have an expiry, in a manner of speaking. Although I wonder if the honey counteracts that, since allegedly honey can be indefinitely safe to consume. Either way, I’m not in a position to be able to remake the jar with its current ingredients, and while I could make up for the lack of certain ingredients… I don’t want to. I like my jar.


Speaking of ingesting things, I’ve been “blessing” my food and drink before I consume it. By which I mean, just focusing on it and imbuing it with whatever intent takes my fancy. I’ll speak/whisper over it if I have the privacy, or otherwise I’ll just hold it/its vessel and lightly direct my intent into it. Then I consume it thoughtfully, knowing it’s becoming part of me.


This situation (rather, what I kind of had in mind) fell apart. Which isn’t too much of a worry for me, but it does make me question the specificity of intending certain outcomes. Those rituals I would count as a success, because they succeeded in the limited scope that I gave them. When I look at the other things I did for this outcome (Law of Consciousness), its focus was not specific. Think of it in terms of I have a million dollars vs. I won the lottery.

Sorry that I always speak so vaguely. I sometimes feel like even the things I do share are too much, too personal.

I still have yet to do this but it’s a good reminder.


I did finally successfully evoke Sandalphon the other night. I still feel firmly there is some puzzle (for me) tied to Metatron and Sandalphon, waiting to be unravelled.

Leading up to it, in meditation, I did have another fascinating experience of self-as-god. A sense of dispassionate… power, entelechy. Interestingly, I’m picking up threads I found and noted a few weeks & months ago and fitting the pieces together now. A lot of it to do with the philosophy of Aristotle, so I suppose I should dive deeper into that. Yet another thing to add to my list.


Need to re-read The Phase. Had a very frustrating experience yesterday where I was solidly in sleep paralysis but I was stuck in my body. The most I managed to achieve was a feeling of floating upwards into a void, and I heard a male voice whisper into my right ear, in the demonic tongue. Other than that, nothing but a few random visions, and that sense of clearly overhearing conversations between discarnate voices, but I tried every technique I could remember to try leaving my body and nothing worked. :frowning:

I don’t have much else to add.

I keep thinking I should write about things like ritual vs. the Law, and how I use both and reconcile both worldviews. Or, the precise method of accessing the unhurried, dispassionate, flow state.

My mood has been… well, it could be better. I had been feeling very isolated, and restless, and listless. I was having a hard time interacting with the day-to-day world. I suppose I still am. One of the things I find difficult to balance is the workings of the Law, and keeping my focus solely on what I want — as opposed to the outer world, where what I want is still making its way to me.

As in, how to respond when people ask me about things I’m changing in my world. I get especially agitated around certain people, people that I’m close to, because I feel their pessimistic worldview rolling off them in waves, battering me. But I have to engage in conversation with them, and it’s a struggle to not just snap at them to be quiet and stop being so negative. So many people just want to gossip about negatives and worry about bad outcomes. What an absolute waste of time.

I’ve been using EFT, and also returning to my “whose thought is this?” question. I’ve mentioned this before. If I have a negative thought I ask myself, “who does this thought belong to?” — does it belong to an all-powerful creator, a shard of divinity? Or does it belong to the useless ego-self, the monkey brain? It doesn’t mean I instantly go from sad or listless to ecstatic, but it does help to neutralise me and restore some sense of balance.

I leave with this:


Wednesday, May 26th

Just a minor update on some experiments & enhancements.

I use the invocation of inner divinity (IID) followed by the DoM opening ritual a lot – before ritual, or often I’ll use it in place of LBRP if I feel it’s warranted.

The IID I’ve adjusted to my own purposes. Often I leave out the Stoicheia exercise. I use “She” instead of “He”, but I still use “I am Man made perfect”. After

I am the Power behind all powers,
the Form behind all forms

I add

…The Cause of causes.

When I perform the DoM opening rite, I add “from below, Sandalphon”, and the imagery is of a black, shifting, oil-sheen sphere in constant motion, summoned from below.

Each entity, as I call on them, I have them trace a banishing or invoking pentagram in tandem with me.

In addition to the beam of light extending north to south and east to west, I add the third dimension: above to below.

And then I add a fourth dimension, by calling the deity I’ve been working with – codenamed here as Sabbath, or the Firstborn. Known by other names… but the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.

I am not sure if the fourth dimension call works without having first known him by his pathworking (under another name, which seems much more true to his nature, so I’m not publishing it).

Also, I have been using the Wim Hof breathing method a lot as a shortcut to a heightened/trance state, and finding it very valuable in that regard.

I called Agares last night, and he resisted the forms I tried to structure for him, until I settled on him as a man in a kind of gilly suit, with only his eyes showing. We met in the mangroves, or a kind of swamp, or fen, and even then his nature was to try and remain hidden and camouflaged among the foliage, and his eyes were in almost constant movement. Not sure what to make of that. I won’t speak on it more until I have my results.

I’ve decided to publish a pathworking to a baneful egregoric spirit that I spoke about in an earlier entry.


  • This is largely untested so take a guide or protector with you.
  • Be specific when you direct it at a target; be specific in the result you want.
  • Don’t stick around and talk with it longer than the time it takes to give it instructions.
  • Expect a wait time – this is an experimental thoughtform spirit and as far as I know has never been called upon in this manner for any of this kind of baneful work, so it’s still figuring out how to achieve its goals, much as any thoughtform, servitor, et cetera. (However, it has been passively fed energy for the better part of 15 years.) As with anything, don’t expect overnight results. Set and forget.
  • Banish when you’re done with the ritual.

The pathworking is as follows:

  • under a grey sky, you are running across a fallow field towards a dead forest
  • close-up view of a black dog, enraged and snarling, mouth dripping red foam
  • flies swarm and buzz over the decaying carcass of a stag
  • an evil smile and a beckoning hand, a chain and a collar
  • you see human corpses floating just beneath the surface of a swamp; fog rises from the water
  • you stumble blindly through the dead forest, dogs howling and baying in the distance

The entity should answer to the name Ghost, or “The Ghost of Perdition”.

By my estimation his powers should be in this realm (I’ve posted about this before too):

  • Sickness, illness (in particular, respiratory issues), draining a target’s life-force and energy, perhaps up to and including death of a target
  • Causing a target to commit dreadful, illegal, immoral acts (or to be perceived by others as though they have done, leading to below…)
  • Causing a target to be shunned and outcast by friends, family, loved ones, society; target becoming an exile at large
  • Insanity, mental instability, paranoia

Have fun and if you do try it, be sure to let me know of any results. x


Monday, June 7th

Well. I am standing alone now, and my footing is precarious.

This song has been my lifeline lately.

TOOL - Forty Six & 2

I’ve been crawling on my belly
Clearing out what could’ve been
I’ve been wallowing in my own confused
and insecure delusions
For a piece to cross me over
Or a word to guide me in
I wanna feel the changes coming down
I wanna know what I’ve been hiding
In my shadow
My shadow
Change is coming through
My shadow

I wanna feel the change consume me
Feel the outside turning in
I wanna feel the metamorphosis and
Cleansing I’ve endured in

My shadow
My shadow
Change is coming
Now is my time

I’m in such a strange mental landscape currently. Seeing my world being drastically rearranged, basically turned upside-down overnight. After the shock I felt triumph. After the triumph I felt neutral. After I felt neutral I felt frightened. After I felt frightened I felt terribly depressed.

Now I can’t tell if this is some emerging case of PMDD, since the neurosis exactly coincided with my menstrual cycle. Extreme depression, suicidal ideation, random crying throughout the day – oop! Turns out you’re just on your period. :woman_shrugging: This is becoming a new thing, and I definitely don’t want it to be, but nothing in the world could convince me to go back on hormonal birth control.

It’s amusing and annoying that right at the moment I feel I’ve unlocked something deeper, my brain and endocrine system try to sabotage me.

So, I’m committing to the Master Protection Ritual for 33 days. I miss rituals so this should scratch the itch. And hey, it can’t hurt.

What else? I’m now, as I’ve said previously, apparently a feather collector. About two weeks ago I found a large black-and-white feather outside. Probably a magpie feather. The bottom of it was pure white and soft as goose-down, and it speckled and shaded into black, and then the end of the feather was tatty and dirty, still pretty with its black oil-sheen rainbow, but all its filaments separated and bent out of shape. A nice comment on my subconscious. Cheers. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

So I decided to put a bit more effort into impressing my subconscious. And about three days later, my roommate found a perfectly intact black feather and left it on my desk as a gift for me. So – taking that as a good sign.

A few days after, I found a little chunk of white granite (?) and nearby it, a tiny, soft white down-feather. Naturally I brought them both home for my altar.

What else?

I’ve been lightly focusing on money and being a magnet and conduit for wealth, a vessel which it flows through. So to recap on the past couple of weeks:

  • I was given a pay rise out of nowhere, unasked for; (overnight – thank you Bune),
  • I had a $900 bill which I refused to pay as I was certain it was in error – it was adjusted down to about $100 when the company actually got off their arses and looked into it, and they sent me a refund for the token amount I’d paid while it was being investigated;
  • I had a customer of my online store suddenly come back and buy two of the exact same pre-made digital services which I’d already sold to them, with no explanation (I can only hope and assume it was in gratitude);
  • I had another customer ask how they could “tip” me for my services (I graciously declined);
  • I woke up to an extra $3330 in my bank account (333 being a significant number for me – turns out it was just a roommate who decided to pay the next few months of rent in advance – but still, it was within about 12 hours of me doing a successful SATS/SH session for money).

It’s nice that once you open yourself up to synchronicity, things just seem to naturally go in your favour. I’m even counting small things like standing in line at the coffee shop a week ago and thinking “damn, I’m hungry, I should have gone to the cafe down the road which serves food”, and then the barista offered me free food with my coffee. Not from the cafe, which doesn’t serve food. No, it was because someone the barista worked with had brought muffins in to work. The barista went and stole one for me. :laughing:

Idk if I count my ritual with Agares as a success. So far I’d count it a partial success. And, I’m beginning to see a pattern. Demons get shit done quickly, but it seems to be one-and-done. Have you really earned my promised reward if you just delivered a sliver of the full result I asked for very quickly, but there’s no long-term payoff? :thinking: I’m sitting on this one for a while. You can work to earn the offering or not.

I’ll leave my Biblical quotations and ramblings aside for the time being. I’m sure I mentioned that I wanted a Bible – and was given one. I also wanted rosary beads and a crucifix necklace, and wouldn’t you know it, I was gifted a crucifix necklace in the style of a rosary, with little beads studded all along its delicate gold chain, and the crucifix hanging from its medallion on a thin gold thread below its five golden beads.


Interesting to hear. I wonder if this can be applied back through time? I’ve always had people be supportive of my dreams and am curious how applying loa to that would affect my future.

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It’s never too late to be grateful for something good in the past (or to count it as a successful working).

Otherwise if you’re talking about back through time, there’s always revision (Goddard style), or you can try some experimental retrocausal time-loop stuff.

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Monday, June 14th

You are a living system believing yourself to be a single, individual being — existing solely as a small bubble of consciousness, of reactive intake sensors generated by bioelectricity, gathered into a narrow point within a 2kg slab of meat encased in your skull.

If your conscious mind was given control of all the functions of your body, how long do you think you could manage to keep the ship sailing smoothly?

Our bodies possess processing power beyond awareness. But we rarely think of it, because we consider the moving parts to be so small as to be beyond notice. And we think of ourselves as One, not a multitude of many.

We turn our minds instead to the larger, greater, mysteries — things that seem bigger than us, outside of us, beyond our ken.

Not recognising that the system which keeps us alive — breathes for us, digests our food, divides our cells — is powered by the selfsame mechanism that draws outer circumstances into our lives by unconscious thought.

Does a cell contemplate its reason for being — does it question whether or not, or if so how, it is governed by a greater purpose — of how it fits into a system?

I feel generally good, given the current circumstances. But I have to thank the Law, Raphael, Melahel, the Master Protection Ritual, and Rey and Norse for getting me here.

Also, I remember posting a while ago about a friend’s health issues, which, via the Law, I decided was false. Said friend was facing a hereditary disease which commonly causes its sufferers to drop dead of a heart attack between their late 20s to late 30s. Well, a few weeks ago the friend told me that the hospital technician could see nothing abnormal about the test results. And just a few days ago, the friend told me his cardiologist “discharged” him because they simply couldn’t find anything wrong, and my friend was cleared to return to his usual activities, which have been his passions for a few decades. :+1:

Maybe in a few weeks I’ll expand more on the other healing experiences/experiments I’ve gone through, since around last Thursday June 10th or so, but right now it’s too close to my heart.

Since beginning it, I’ve now had two experiences which make me think the Master Protection Ritual has been responsible for letting me off without a dent or a scape of trouble.

My thought-association experiment is progressing. I expect it to ramp up shortly.