Truth about the personal Daemon, and commonly overlooked mistakes ( lengthy)

In the world of the dark arts it is easy to get carried away in the tide of demonic names, words of power, chants, sigils, seals, what spirits can help us get rich or get laid, and what spirit we should take as our patron. In all this chaos we often overlook the one spirit that actually matters. OUR OWN.

The understanding of the Personal daemon is the most important task we can undertake in our spiritual journey. The daemon has many names, the HGA, the higher self, the god-self, the true will, the ascended self… etc… Yet I (personally) find DAEMON is the most appropriate. This is not a spirit that is assigned to us by a higher power. It is the timeless and limitless manifestation of our own soul potential. Our truest self, in it’s most absolute form.

We are all part of the same ultra-cosmic entity. Call it “the All”, “chaos”, “the nameless one”, “the great mind”, “the great dragon”, “Shaitan”, “the source”, whatever you may call it, this being exists at our core. It is us, and we are it, there is no separation, we are the same. Each individual is but a mask this being wears, to be able to experience itself through every possible manifestation, and ideally the ultimate manifestation of that mask. That is each individual thing, seeing and experiencing itself as all. This is the end goal of this being, that will never be reached, and never truly began.
This being is eternity, and has no name, for it is NO THING. Yet bears many names, one of which is YOURS.
Ultimately, during our ascension we must shed our human identity, and find our true selves… our TRUE NAME. Our true name, is the name of our daemon. The daemon is our perfected ego. The individual, who is one with all things yet remains an individual. The god self.

Once the name is known, this being, which is us, can be invoked and evoked just like any other being. furthermore, once the name is known, NO OTHER ENTITY NEED EVER BE CALLED AGAIN. Not for ANY purpose. This being is your personal link to the divine. It will give you every ritual or exercise you need, uniquely tailored to you and your personal needs and esthetic. It will tutor you on YOUR magic. Which is more powerful then ANY system you will ever encounter anywhere else. This is NOT chaos magic. Not even close. Chaos magic is a creature born forth from the flawed ego of the human identity. Your magic is channeled directly from the source. from the perfected ego of the daemon.

So many see themselves as powerless, and needing another to do what they feel they cannot. This extends to our interactions with spirits. We call up a spirit to help us get laid, or to be able to pay our next rent bill, or to hurt those who hurt us, or heal those who are dear to us. However as long as we practice sorcery through that lens, we will never truly have the power to do these things ourselves. We will fall into the trap of believing that it is the spirits that hold all the power.
To this I say you are not your body, and you do not have a soul! You ARE a soul (spirit) and you HAVE a body.
There is not a single thing (no matter how supernatural it may seem) that you cannot do through learning to manipulate the energy around you. So many overlook this. You do not need rituals, or candles, or tools, or incense, or words of power, or ANYTHING other then your ability to move, manipulate, transmute and program/deprogram energy. Your rituals should be designed to focus and amplify that energy. Magic is the purest form of self expression (art). It should move you, not be merely psychodrama. Paint the world with your will! And the quickest, most fulfilling and most effective way to do this, is through contact with the personal daemon.

Many traditions see this as the end goal for their practice. This is true insofar as the system which birthed it is no longer viable as it is no longer part of the souls esthetic, once the daemon is known. But this is not the pinnacle of magic. it is the BEGINNING of true magic. For once the Daemon is known, no one can tell you what is impossible. And one who tells you a thing is impossible, knows NOTHING of divinity.

I have spent considerable time under the Patronage of Asmodeus. About 15 years. Although we did many a miracle on this earth, I must admit I was shocked when he left me early last year with nothing more then a terse " Or pact is finished,You are not getting it. You Will". And through much hardship, grief and despair, losing my business and going bankrupt, as well as the oh so wonderful (sarcasm) events of 2020, I finally “got it”.

When one seeks a patron demon, what they are truly after is their DAEMON. The daemon is the true Matron/Patron. No other deity or spirit can appropriately fill that place, for one cannot find themselves through the lens of another. However, this IS a difficult undertaking. Fortitude and determination are required, and not many who take the journey, find what they seek.

Remember, Lucifer tells us to look inward. The spirits can only show us the door, they cannot do the work for us.

The door to the daemon is found through the heart and crown.

Infernal blessings to all that choose to find themselves amidst the chaos.


The Herald ritual.

  1. Sit down and relax completely. Let the consciousness disperse, don’t hold back, let your thoughts wander freely. After a while, start repeating yourself: “I relaxed, I fell into a deepest dream.”
  2. When you feel that there are no strange thoughts left in your mind, imagine to your right the flow of fire. Brightly imagine the sparkling flames. Then calmly say: “I order my subconscious to manifest itself. I order it to open up and reveal its magical secrets.” Then wait a little while, focusing only on the fire. If any image appears, it will be a manifestation of your subconscious. Try to keep it.
  3. Constantly supporting the burning fire on your right, begin to imagine the same flow of fire and on your left. When this flame also becomes bright, say the following words calmly and measuredly: “May the power of the Lamb be with me at the call of the Messenger, which is manifested in every thing and every creature! Come before me (Messenger’s name)!”
  4. Talk to the Messenger who is to appear between two streams of fire. Discuss your problems with him, ask for advice and give the necessary orders.
  5. When your conversation is over, let the Messenger go with the words: "Thank you to the Lamb for the miracle I have accomplished! May mine (the name of the messenger) return, whenever I call him, and wherever he may be, may he help me in my work!
    At the first call (or at the first call - it depends on the skill of the person performing the ritual), when you concentrate, do not say the name of the Messenger. Just say “he”. If the ritual is performed correctly, the Messenger should immediately telepathically tell his name. If the session failed, continue trying until you know his name, and only then start a conversation with him. The more often the ritual is performed, the more the Messenger is felt and the faster it works.

Paulo Coelho.
Magician’s Diary

How do you think it works?

As much as I like what you wrote here, something feels off, but I can’t quite put my finger on what… I asked my HS through pendulum if he can really do all this and I got both a yes and a no. :thinking:


@adalbertsen It is a rather esoteric post. Meant for those who are ready for it. It can seem wrong to those who look to the outside and have had success with that. In no way is my post meant to knock those experiences, as those experiences are of vital importance.
A pendulum is a physical tool of divination. … It is also the most limited of all divination tools. And as any divination tool, it isn’t about the answer you get, it’s about the question you ask.

The daemon speaks through the heart and it speaks through our manifest world. (when not directly communed with in ritual) Through what we feel and KNOW to be true, in our heart of hearts, no matter what others tell us. It’s loudest voice is our inner knowing, and reflecting that knowing through our experience. Experience of the daemon, is learning how to DISPENSE with the tools, and rely on ourselves.

Most do not want to acknowledge they have this power (No matter how much they may want it). Most peoples worst fear is not that they are powerless, but that they are powerful. Because this breaks the programming that has been beat into our minds since we were born. We have to completely rewrite ourselves. Break down the old order of our mind, so that we can see the truth. This is excruciatingly painful! This is called initiation. This is inner alchemy… and it drives many quite insane because they don’t want to live in possibility. They live in their past. They look at the world around them and accept the limitation. And when their magic doesn’t work, they make any number of excuses for themselves, INSTEAD OF DOING THE WORK NECESSARY TO MAKE IT WORK.
As far as your HS is concerned. If you are calling it “HE” instead of “ME”. You have a ways to go yet. It is not separate from you. It is IMMINENT. Go back to your pendulum, and ask if YOU can do all that. And you WILL have a straight answer.


This is a powerful thread

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