Truth about reptilians?

Hey guys my recent path walking is not centered around reptilians but similar beings (i wont go into details but mostly Dragon and Serpentine beings). I just started and it seems to have shifted my spirtual body a bit to take on more reptilian traits. Does anyone have any information on the reptilian starseeds and what theyre really like?

All info shows them as evil beings that consume humans but id like to know more

Thank you in advance


As far as the alien species go, there’s apparently thousands of Reptilian races, and not all individuals are bad.

If you are vibing that strongly with them, you also have the layer of how Reptilians work with other Reptilians as well as with humans.

Some races have strong class systems, with elites and slaves, so here it depends what class or caste you are picking up.

But generally speaking, Reptilians are very practical and authoritarian, they like a lot of control and structure, are Ahrimanic in nature and very no nonsense about getting things out of their way. People and things are either property or useless, and all are dispensable. They do not have compassion (which comes from the evolved mammalian brain) and run on cold instinct. They tend to be carnivores
and will eat other sentient species as we eat cows and pigs, which are also intelligent and sentient.

Humans have three brains, the reptilian, the mammal and the higher brain. So we can think with multiple minds, act more like an aggregate being and understand and relate to almost anything. Reptilians are not so flexible, but they are evolved and can work with us if it meets their agendas, same as human psychopaths, who think in a reptilian way, can. Understanding something like tis wouldn’t negate the other parts of you, and I think it would be very interesting to explore your Reptilian vibes. :slight_smile:


years ago i started channelling from some cobra-looking entities,
wont state the name of their people nor their world in public anymore (dm?) but i can say they are quite interesting people.

and ditch the jci bias, their path is empty.


I’m picking up a more solo one. A race that seems to be lone wolf than anything. They might live in groups but they’re 100% for themselves and their survivial / ambitions than the collective or group.

This is something that I’m finding true as well.

My fear was going Cannibal if I acknowledged this part of me lol but I now realize that they would probably go for a more practical food source here on earth. I also wondered do people see them as evil because they eat sentient lifeforms? Because in that case we’re no different like you mentioned we do eat sentient lifeforms

You’re right it’s not good to suppress feelings and aspects like this. A friend scanned me and noticed that this new aspect seems to be a gift rather than something I was born with which makes sense

Thank you once again @Mulberry your advice is always good to hear

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I also know of some Cobra beings. Idk if they’re the same but these were quite important in Hinduism and Buddhism.

It’s cool I don’t think I’d want to know their names rn maybe once I find out more about a few others but yeah The Cobra being I encountered was quite awesome too. From my experience they avoid humans but don’t hate us exactly


Yes pretty much. Cows might see the best pasture raiting farmers as evil andmany unecessarily cruel factory farms are easily as evil as any reptilian human farming, if they did such a thing.

A million kids go missing every year, and some maybe be going to reptilian predation… humans typically cause their predators to go extinct to staying hidden is a good move. We’re not as defenseless as animals and we have nasty tempers and forward thinking problem solving that make us very dangerous, something we don’t always realize and are not so responsible with.

Remember the stories about dragons demanding young people being delivered to them for tithe and St George killing one of them so the village could stop doing that? There’s a lot of history hinted at in that story maybe. :thinking:


I have been reading a little lately of tis, I read that vasago was a leopard mix whit a princesses , original from Egypt semi human and later goes to goetic book and same voodoo veves,depends the reptiles ,felines clan,tru the snakes are bad kind ,in all related history snake are bad and reptiles,too.looking tru Egypt historian most are birds,felines dogs etc ,not greys only 2 snakes I found which are females to help in fertility and land,and riches but female only,not male so far

Yes same with the story of Yamata No Orochi and Susanoo. Typhoon was said to have some reptile like traits too and there’s the Lamia.

In Egypt Serpents were very sacred. Wadjet watched over the Pharoah and Apep though of destruction played a role too. Then there is Sobek who is a crocodile God who had a reputation quite neutral


If they are of a lone wolf type (a non- social
Species) they may be hard to work with and will likely be inclined to not want to work with another being and if they do they’ll likely use that person while they are useful to them (useful to the reptilian and their agenda) and then discard the person without a second thought once their no longer useful. (Cross your fingers no longer useful doesn’t mean what Hollywood makes it out to mean and by that I mean cross your fingers they don’t eat you when you’re no longer useful).

Just thought I’d better bring this possible aspect of non-social species of aliens be they reptilians or greys or blue meanies (not that blue meanies are real or alien I just couldn’t think of the name of a 3rd type of alien so used that because of that).

Add: credit to @Mulberry who’s point I basically just paraphrased.


Yes, but why? Because they told everybody so like yhwh did?

You have to be careful just accepting consensus opinion when we don’t really know what actually happened. All we have is third hand info from translations of a dead language. Some sources, like say, Farsight, interpret info that the reptilians in Egypt had enslaved humans, and we know the Pharos though themselves as gods and kept slaves, so is it any wonder the old texts tow the given opinion? To not do so would mean death, and they probably believed it to be fair.


@Mulberry whst you said is ver probably the truth of it.

I read a very modern jaded book one time that speculated the reason they revered reptiles in ancient Egypt was fear and the writer claimed they worshipped the reptiles in the hope that y doing so the cobras wouldn’t strike the crocodiles wouldn’t bite etc.

I am NOT saying it’s so.

My point is everything is speculation until someone cracks the death code and revives a pharaoh and asks them what they believed in ancient Egypt and why. Don’t think I believe they’ll ever do that though (although if they could bring any dead ancients back to life in future millennias it would be the ancient Egyptians cuz they sure preserved their dead really well they even preserved their organs in those canopic jars).


And rerenet,or whatever it’s spell.

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I’m not gonna lie this actually describes my personality a lot. Sometimes people are just tools or puppets to be used to achieve our agenda. Off course I won’t eat them though XD.

This is a very important question and really makes me wonder is everything we consider divine, just divine because we are told it is? In a way personally snakes invoke a sense of calm and adaptation in me. In another person they may feel fear towards them. So maybe what’s divine and what isn’t comes down to how we personally see it :thinking:

This is another good point. I always wondered who decided that a certain family was divine and fit to rule over humans in their region. It’s all really intriguing questions to think about.

This could also be true. Serkhet was worshipped to ward off venomous animals like scorpions and even snakes

That would be extremely interesting!


Aw. But if you don’t eat the reptilians I’ll never be able to find out if reptile really does taste like chicken jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I personally like crocodilians (though I did bring a garter snake home once that I caught as it snakes its way through the grass in the schoolyard at recess).

Almost bought a caiman once but didn’t cuz I didn’t think I could take good care of it when it got bigger (it was a cute little thing maybe 5 or 6 inches long so not very old maybe a newly hatched one). I knew it could grow to 3 foot or more and couldn’t really see keeping it in the bathtub when it got that big (which was the main reason I didn’t get it).

Anyways, I appreciate your candor (lots of people would pretend that they wouldn’t dream of using people even if they would).

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I was referring to human :joy::joy::joy:. I have some crocodile meat though and apparently the tail tastes like fish

Crocodiles are pretty cool. Some of the most primal animals out there

Yeah it would be awkward to have one in the bathtub. I’d get curious and stick my toe in or something :joy::joy::joy:

I think that’s the problem with us as humans. Everyone denies our more malicious nature but by accepting it I’ve seen more improvements in my life. Off course it’s not easy especially in the more complex stages.

As for the original question tho I don’t believe The reptilians are inherently good or inherently evil. I think (like some one suggested) their like Sobek who was inherently neutral.
But working with them may be a great opportunity to learn how to stay “unpolarized” like in hermetics. In other words neutral till it benefits you (which is inherently good in the primal way of things especially for early mans survival)

Your reptilian brain was designed to be “selfish” but not evil mongering. It’s just a defensive mechanism to keep you from getting abused and used.

And literally there’s so many crazies out their that helping people isn’t always a good deed. You don’t KNOW people. because the human race is vile and most people probably don’t disserve your help lol sometimes giving to homeless feeds their drug addiction or saving a stranger in an apocalypse leads to them robbing or killing you for parts.

But this way of thinking can also strengthen family bonds and survivability as it creates a “fear of other” outside those boundaries.

Add: our science and understanding of affection is minimal but over time we may be able to understand how reptiles communicate this. Bearded dragons for example have finally evolved to show affection for their owners so I believe with time is possible for any reptile to developed this.

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I personally had have experiences with some Reptilian races. One was actually a captain. He came to me years ago when I was intrigued about trail exterrestrial beings and such. He was definitely a dominant type of personality. But fair. He took no nonsense at all but he had an understanding that not all of us understand the Reptilian race and often time believe they first thing we hear about them ex eating their own children or hitting their women. Now I did find out that at least with his group they did not do this and in fact was one of my first “psychic *itch slaps”. It was very painful to say the least. But he and I grew close for that time and honestly it was very interesting. Yes they had a system but more so on rank. Not sure about slaves but there was definitely a sense of order.

The next one is a race that I picked up on that lived (not sure still does) but lived here on Earth. They were more so connected to nature kinda like the shamans are or really old way of seeing the world. Very intuitive and had grate understanding of nature and how it worked. They kinda remind me of a mix of American Indian culture and African culture mixed. But as far as I know they lived as tribes and was more so on the peaceful side of things, not wanting any problems.

Then there is the snake people or naga. I don’t know to much about them I did have a dream a bit back talking about a story about three of them. :thinking: There was three daughters that was sent to help keep this one God from basically destroying everything. They acted as wives to him. They often played music to help settle his anger. Over time they grew close and everything was well. But one day someone came not sure if there was more then one person (it was never specified exactly but I think there was at least two) came and murdered two of them. One had her skull crushed and the other slit throat and stabbed in the heart. The third who was the youngest escaped and was never found. The story goes that there is people looking for her and that this God is wanting her back. Every one is afraid that she might be dead. If she is or never found they fear that this God will destroy everything and basically bring the world into a dark age persay. Now obviously this is just a story I was told in a dream but I found it fascinating lol

Now this is my UPGs but I know some that had negative experiences and not all are going to be the same or function the same. Iv had other experiences such as Dragons, large Leviathan looking being and others. For me I try to keep an open mind just as I do for others.

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Well i would like to explain this to you;

as human being we look for angelic/winged creatures, as our creators and superiors in spiritual hieracrchy, so thinking about reptilians (dinosaur) they would look dragonic beings the same, they are not “bound” to same gravitional “settings” than their terrestial offspring.

draco constellation has some active sentries on our spheres, and can be contacted, but not to be mixed with their enemies who like to imitiate their ways of communication to mislead appreciantes, to make them commit ethical mistakes.

as human even with proven reptilian genetics, you have to think by yourslef, that are you gonna claim, being reptile, or just study and work under human/spiritual being conciousness…

also if you have contact with reptilians, dont mix it with this sect of “tera-reptilians” they are purely computing system based enemy program which studies reptilian genetics off human beings, they will claim hard they are reptilian, but are artificial.

My girlfriend saw one-she saw a woman’s eye go from normal to snake-like for about 10 seconds and then pop back into a circle. It was only in one eye-the other eye was normal. I knew another woman who said she was asking a security guard who was in one of those booths with a gate in front of it (he worked for a big corporation and was at the front of the complex). She had a job interview there, and did not know which building to go to. She asked him where to go. As he bent down, his whole face changed into a hideous reptile face. She thought she was just imagining this. This happened a long time ago before David Icke’s stuff came out.