True Will


Do you think that the perception of true will reflects the only real option? If yes then do you think that demons vs. angels have any differentiation in the possibility of the ultimate outcome?


Hey Apocolypticor! You know I enjoy your unique brand of questions, but I’m not understanding your meaning on this one … not sure how to interpret the term “true will”. Rephrase for me please? :wink: Z


Thanks! If I write something down I remember it. To do lists, names, etc. Message boards are much the same in that I’ll ask something but usually by the time anyone responds I’ll have figured it out for myself.
I’m thinking it comes down to the person, what’s on the line, who or what are you willing to harm or discard, or perhaps change.
Person A "You got everything you always wanted!"
Person B "Yes,but not like this!"
Perception of true will wasn’t the right way to phrase what I meant. I was in an angry, one dimensional thinking place when I typed that.
Maybe you know what I mean in that sometimes I will go to great mental extremes to try to delude myself into thinking that this one thought is the only option.


@ Apocolypticor,

Ah, yes, this IS a quandry …
I want what I want & I want it now …

AND I want it to come to me in this way -

BUT, it only CAN come to me that way, because its the only way I can see for it to come …

and I know every detail of the PROBLEM , because I’ve been examining the damn thing from all angles for WEEKS!

(Obviously I’ve been down THAT road; can you tell?)

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that all these snafus, if you will, have their roots in what you believe is IMpossible. It is IMPOSSIBLE that I could have ______ AND _______ and at the same time be part of ______.

And when it comes to other individuals, you cannot change their ‘wants’, which is actually a good thing, because if if you could, it would work both ways, hm?

You KNOW what factors, circumstances & quality of relationships best suit you NOW. Do not limit the scope of your Nonphysical Assistants’
abilities by explaining to Them all the obstacles & exceptions out there.

You just got tangled up in your angst a minute - you’ll breathe & laugh soon. :wink: Z


Zoe, thank you. This made my day =]
Especially what you said about the scope of Their abilities, I needed to hear that.


[quote=“apocolypticor, post:5, topic:146”]Zoe, thank you. This made my day =]
Especially what you said about the scope of Their abilities, I needed to hear that.[/quote]

Don’t we ALL, dear Apocolypticor, don’t we all? :wink: Z