True Satanism

It happened while I was reading about Satanism in this Forum that some users wrote about “True Satanists”.
What does it means?


Honestly, it means whatever the person writing the book wants it to mean. Research what the author believes, then you will know what the author meant by it


There’s no such thing as True Satanism. Every person has their own idea of Satan (and Satanism). So much so that there are many entities called Satan, or can be called Satan.

That being said, some forms of Satanism can’t really be called Satanism, let alone a religion or a path in my opinion. An example of this would be LaVeyan Satanism. Or The Satanic Temple Satanism. They’re just using Satan for shock factor primarily (and to push their agenda). They’re basically atheists in Halloween costumes roleplaying. I haven’t met any LaVeyan or TST Satanist that takes their version of Satanism seriously. That’s why I don’t think these branches can be called Satanism. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


LaVeyan Satanism was crucially important for me in as much as it taught atheistic Magick. Atheistic Magick forces self-reliance. It’s the purest form of the lhp.

Anton LaVey gave voice to Erotic Crystallisation Inertia and Trapezoidal Magic as well as exploring a number of still largely unexplored areas, all the while working with the social constrains and in the image driven media of the second half of last century. Ask yourself if the various lhp organisations around today would be in the position that they occupy, or occupied, if it had not been for the seminal efforts and (admittedly, Mardi Gras) achievements of LaVey.

How many people attracted to various lhp practices, lifestyles and Magick did not get their first taste of Satanism through The Satanic Bible? If LaVey and his books had not been around, how many of today’s avowed Satanists would have been exposed to more viable satanic traditions?

For the by no means small achievement of getting at least an easily digested form of Satanism out into the open (where before there had been none, at least in the open) should be recognised and applauded and the fact that LaVey continued to live under constant threat from uneducated dickheads and pathological Xtians says something for the man. Moreover, after almost half a century his Satanic Bible is still selling well and introducing some individuals who will out-grow its pantomime pretences to more relevant manifestations of ‘The Other’.

Sure, LaVey was an egomaniac, a showman, plagiarist and exhibitionist, but to dismiss him is both a miscalculation and misapprehension of the sinister dialectic and how the Dark Gods work: Their wonders to behold!



I’m a true Satanist and what I teach is true Satanism – nothing more and nothing less! You got that?

Now, if you get in contact and send me a lot of money I’ll send you a embossed certificate with your name and Magickal grade on it. For some more money I’ll even sign it! Just think, your own embossed certificate with Magickal grade and signed off on by me! Shit! It just doesn’t get much better, does it?



To me, LaVeyan Satanism is merely a destination. It helps people purge themselves of false guilt and prejudices about Satanism. Once that is done, the person can move freely down the Left Hand Path.

But to remain a LaVeyan Satanist for the rest of your life, claiming that it’s a religion…that just doesn’t feel right, in my opinion.


In my opinion, there’s a bit more to LaVey. I’m not sure that he was atheist.

“A Satanist is not a revolutionary, but an alien, who by his very alienation, is performing the ultimate revolt against the mindless drones who fear the very rejection on which the Satanist thrives.” Anton LaVey

This accurately describes the process. I refer to it as putting a zap on your head.

“It is lust for life which will allow the vital person to live on after the inevitable death of his fleshly self.” Anton LaVey

Personal transformation doesn’t figure highly in the Church of Satan and perhaps this is because LaVey saw it as a matter for each individual and one which no amount of ritual can affect. LaVeyan Satanism is ‘Immanent’ not ‘Transcendental’. LaVey’s system demands that his practitioners really know themselves and pragmatically apply the principles of his system in ways unique to themselves.

His system did teach me self-reliance - which is essential to Ascent, Godhead, Godhood, Divinity, whatever.


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The left hand path is inherently singular and solitary. What works for me.
Those on the path share certain spiritual premises and experiences which allow for some sorts of vague directions to be given, if not taken.

I recommend anything by the Order of Nine Angles, particularly their earlier materials, like Codex Saerus. Having come to them via Chaos Magic I appreciate their work. The ONA has tangible, ‘criminal’ runs on the board and a lot more than that.


I’ll second that opinion, LaVayen satanism is the only reason I’m here… we’ll not the only reason. I believe the satanic bible and church of Satan was a way for attracting rational, intelligent people to the world of the occult, like marijuana is to drugs, LaVayen Satanism was the gateway drug to get you hooked but ultimately wanting more… but with that said I think when people say “real satanism” I think they must be referring to a more literal sense of the term where you “actually” worship a deity, because LaVey used Satan more as a metaphor to the self, Man

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