True Readings

I recently had two readings. They were done by two different people. Both emphasized the need for me to be prepared to forge ahead in my professional life and stop being stuck in the same rut. They said that I needed to do this because I am not living up to my potential and because sometimes life can throw a big wrench in the system when we are the least prepared. One of the readings said that I needed to be prepared to have a big disruption come about in that area.

A few days later I ended up in the ER with 90% blindness in one eye due to an injury. Fortunately, the doctor said that there is hope for 100% recovery through surgery. But I am viewing this situation in a positive way. I think that the supernatural world is using this to force me into a different direction with my career in order to maximize my potential.

Another part of the reading focused on the fact that a girl will come into the picture who would bring absolute destruction in my life unless I were VERY savy and well prepared. Well after the eye incident, you can be damn sure that I am paying a lot of attention to what these two readings had to tell me in this area as well. There is already evidence of this area coming about too: An old girlfriend has popped her head back into my life. She has proven to be very manipulative in the past. And she is also very alluring (The reading said to be prepared to deal SPECIFICALLY with those two traits).

Most of you know that I still struggle with wondering whether all of this occult stuff is “real”. Those doubts are quickly going away when I see evidence like this.

Nice to hear you are finally getting some proof. Sorry you had to experience an injury to realize the readings were coming true.

That’s never fun but sometimes the spirits can get our attention in the strangest and most harsh ways when all other methods fail.