True Potency

Hello, does anyone here knows spirits or rituals or gods or something which can give one higher-potency and higher-sensing ability? By higher-potency I mean the ability to truly generate potent energy, and by higher-sensing ability I mean awakened spiritual senses. Please tell me your suggestions and experiences that worked out best, thank you.

What kind of beings are you wanting to work with? Because there are a lot. Also, plenty of meditations to do these things.

I’ve tried many things, many meditations and working with many spirits and gods, but so far nothing clicked for me so I’m looking for something exceptional basically I want beings that will help me evolve a lot, make my life more interesting and also desire to have a personal relationship with me.

What calls to you? I can give you a massive list, but I dont know who you’ve tried nor what resonates with you. Lucifer can help this. So can many goetic entities, ahrimanian entities, dragons, gods and goddesses… The list goes on…

I dont know anything you’ve tried… This is why I asked where your interest lies, with both beings and rituals.

I want something that is good with both darker natures and light/love natures, a god/goddess, and why not a dragon would be cool, dragons are cool.

Lucifer is a good choice… She is both… As for dragons, I’m not the one to ask. @Ozraga?

What would you like to know?

Any dragons that help with the senses and power? (Sorry to bother)

Well they all can. Some might be better then others. I can take a look to see if I can find some noted ones.

Just put your intentions out there that you want to work with them. They should let themselves known not too long after.

Also a word to the wise. Respect to them is key. When you are working with them, they are just as much an equal as any other Magicians you work with.

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Hm, thats good for me to know too. Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

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Shiva. Kundalini. Raise the coiled serpent from your root to your crown chakra. It will increase your abilities immensely

But be very AWARE of what you ask of him. :expressionless: his teachings can be “abrasive” depending on what you are trying to learn from um.

@Serpent is on the right track. Shiva will indeed juice you up like crazy, for a lifetime. Ya gotta be dedicated, though.

I will say this. Chances are, everything you need to attain that which you seek is already bottled away inside you. You’re talking about unlocking perception and ability. Don’t need third party interference for that.

Meditate and open your Ajna if you want superhuman perception. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into and that you’re SURE you’re ready to “see the world as it truly is”. It is not easy to close. It will certainly fulfill your need for heightened awareness, though! Ever wanted to see radiation emitting from computer monitors? Lol. It’s pretty crazy shit.

As far as generating energy, you’re already doin that. Just spend some time focusing on it. Cycle it, constantly. If you’re not sure if it’s working, start directing it at things and observe the results. Energy is one of the easiest things to master. Every human being has a pretty intense electromagnetic field. This is Science. Manipulating it is where things get a bit metaphysical.

You’re a conductor as well. Pull energy down from the stars and up through the planet. Become comfortable with the excess and learn to use your body as a generator/recycling system.

You ask for “true potency” but - AND I’M NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN, just to put things in perspective - the things you’re asking for are achievable without a ton of work (and certainly without angelic/demonic help).

True potency is way beyond that. This forum is called “Become a living God”, after all. I tend to think that is not meant to be a figurative statement. =)
Set higher expectations of yourself! You deserve it!

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