TRUE meaning of the PENTAGRAM

just for all new magicians to know

and to clear confusion

upright pentagram - all 5 senses turned to “normal” daily consciousness

downright pentagram - 5 senses turned inside - ingress - nightside consciousness

from that onward, all other meanings are derived.

ofcourse, all ther fear induced by inverted pentagram is normal, because, deep down inside, we all know that

nothing can fuck me up as bad as i can fuck myself.

and our Work is orientated towards gaining ability to Fuck ourselves in a best possible way.

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I used to think anything having to do with pentagrams/inverted pentagrams or the occult for that matter were purely satanic and evil.This reminds me of a dream i had where over a year ago at the beginning of my relationship with my succubus where this woman just looked at me and said “Satan isn’t all that bad” and was shown a tree.I’m guessing the tree symbolizes knowledge.But yeah thank the gods i’m free from such a limiting and childish mindset.

I prefer magnetic north pentagrams :wink: