True meaning of 666

@Cernunnos and I have often found post ritual that numbers can follow us around. Many breakdowns here are quite intriguing for 666.

RHP has actually done some ground work for us in this regard in the form they call “Angel Numbers”.

Once I dug through the dogma, comparing the descriptions multiple websites have on these numbers with the ones I was seeing seem to correspond with the workings I am doing.

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I see 666 all the time since I renegotiated a blood pact I made with the gatekeepers… Buckle up buttercup it means your life is in for one hell of a ride. :wink: :+1:


Baal kadmon also seems to associate 666 with Tiamat as well. Here is the source so you can learn more: Tiamat Behind The Veil – Baal Kadmon


Carbon Atom. It is in all living conscious things. 6 - electrons, 6 - neutrons, 6 - protons. It is the mark of the beast that brings forth the apocalypse. We are the ones destroying the planet with pollutants and such, we are the ones that will bring about our own destruction. We are both the adversary (satan) our own worst enemies. and we are the bearers of light (consciousness) which we use to create beautiful incredible things, but some of those very creations are destroying the world, and do to pride of needing to create the next bigger and better thing and never knowing where to stop, we shall fall a victim to ourselves.


Another fun fact: Vav (Hebrew V) has the numerical value of 6. Vav also means ‘nail’. As in the three nails used in the crucifixion.

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I see 444 daily … and 666 too

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This number 666 is the gematria for Sorath the solar demon…

Careful treading those grounds…