True meaning of 666

Hello, everywhere I go I see this number 666. Does it means something? :thinking:

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I don’t expect answer like “number of the Beast” :grinning:

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Ive heard to it as being explained as the opposite number of Jesus which is 444 i think? But im sure theres more to it than that, thats the only info I have heard on it.

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Interesting , thank you

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I thought it was always supposed to stand for the 3 fates.

I know it is the numerical number associated with Sorath the solar/sun demon

There’s quite a lot written up about it on this forum as well as the net.

Well worth the read…

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Seeing 666 can mean that there is an imbalance in your life and your thoughts are not aligned with the Universe. Seeing 666 is a wake-up call for you to re-examine your current situation and change the direction of your thoughts so you can raise your vibration to a more positive frequency.



6 energies. 6 positive aspects, 6 negative aspects.


number of the sun in Pagan mythology


This reminds me of that crazy evangelist bitch that thought monster energy drink was ‘the devils drink’ had a whole booth set up trying to explain the supposive symbolism and everything. I dont even like energy drinks but i fulfilled my civic duty and bought one XD



In numerology 6 is the number of balance and harmony. Seeing it in its triplicate form is an intensified version of the single 6. So either it means harmony is coming to your life, you’re attracting good things or you need to start attracting positive instead of negative. In my experience, it’s usually a sign that what I want is coming.


Ah right i just realised i didnt read the post properly…just realised its to do with the relevance of seeing 666, i just thought it was to do with what 666 means, oops.

Besides seeing 666 are other things happening, things disappearing or malfunctioning technology!

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The consensus of biblical scholarship in the biblical book of Revelation is that the number is a numerical code for the Roman emperor Nero. Hebrew letters have a numerical equivalent. 666 is the numerical sum for Nero’s name in Hebrew. Interestingly, Greek also has its own system of Gemmatria as well and the numbers also decode for “Kaiser Neron” in Greek. This makes sense: identifying the Beast of Revelation as Nero points to a figure who initiated a wave of Christian persecution: demonizing him in a coded way such that if you were caught with a copy of the text, you wouldn’t have been charged with treason and subsequently executed under Roman law. This indicates the true nature of the book of Revelation as quite a subversive political document.


Didn’t Agrippa make this association? I know Rudolph Steiner writes a bit about it to: identifying both Lucifer and Ahriman as being the two horns of Sorath. My question about this is: Steiner also relates Christ to the Sun, what then is Christ’s relationship to Sorath if both are Solar entities?


Yeah I think the general consensus regarding Sorath is from Steiner
Although some of the info he relates about the solar demon has been substantiated by experienced mages and demonolaters alike.
Just when I saw the OP asking about 666 the first thing that popped in my mind was tis the number of his name.
That’s pretty much all I can say not at all sure about any relationships He shares with any other entity besides like you mentioned Ahriman and Lucifer.


oh my.


there is other meanings then just “number of the beast”.

are the magick numbers of trinity,
and destruction.

6 binds,
and integrates.

9 destroys,
and desintegrates.

triple 6,
therefore means triple incarnating,
or manifesting.

in even easier words:

it means,
something is getting into existance.

there’s obviously different interpretations to that aswell,
but i don’t want to bore you with a monologe about the variations and permutations of that.

what you do want to know,
is this:


Those are the numbers in the existance,
or shape plane.

techniqually it goes further,
with 10 - 11 - 12;

i don’t want to make it to complicated here.

those numbers,
are maybe better displayed here:

What you find by looking at that picture,
is that it showcases the thoric,
or magnetic (in living beings bio-electric field)
that basically haves it’s main grid (the active component,
that controls and shapes the non-active parts of the grid),
exactly on those numbers.

3 - 6 - 9.

going on with that topic,
we quickly arive at multi-dimensionality,
which is pretty difficult to convey in understandable manner,
in human language.

Hope this helps.

-That being said,
the actual key detail,
is you seeing that number over and over again.

Which means,
it’s a side effect,
of either Spirit communication,
or Magick you’ve cast,
which aligns your perception to this specific frequency.

So to give you again - the simplest answer i can give without knowing more about your circumstance;
i highly suggest,
you flip through your old notes,
your book of shadows,
your old sigils,

There probably is,
something you’ve set in place,
to happen,
which now is about to manifest.




Thank you much for your time

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You’re welcome.

In case you need a little help,
on uncovering what’s about to manifest there,
you can simply let this play gently in the background,
while checking through those old notes.

It’ll natrually charge you to find it.

6 Hours,
6 Minutes,
and 5 secounds,
(the 5 secounds representing man, or the pentagram.)

  • of course,
    you don’t need to listen to all of that.

Just as a helper for you to find it,
in the background.

You can futher activate the frequency,
by projecting yourself into the planet,
that orbits in the video.




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