True black spreads

I have the true black tarot deck, I’ve found it has a way of jumping out and begging to be read when someone near me has a need, and while it tends to be past/present/future- sometimes with clarifying cards and others without.

I’m curious however after watching so many tarot posts recently, about the spreads you guys are using with this set. The classic horseshoe spread or Celtic cross seem to work just fine when I’m reading for myself, but never seem to apply to others- these always seem to be the above.

Some of the cards have their own little twists that I don’t see amongst the other decks, there’s also a few card changes, and I’m wondering how to better use my deck for others.

I’ve considered offering readings to the forum, but naturally fear of failure and wanting more than the occasional happenstance experience where it was spot on would first had held me back here.

Advice, suggestions, spread ideas?

I’ve also done the interview spread with the deck- it was kinda comical tbh- when I pulled the card for what is the deck best at it, it told me not bragging-essentially. Some of the answers made a lot of sense, others did not.

How do you get to where it all makes sense all the time? I find this a lot in regards to self readings. Half will make sense and half will not. I don’t have this issue when it’s someone I know Bieber- usually together we are able to work through how it applies.


Don’t be afraid to do readings - only with practice and trying you will be able to find out how accurate you are :slight_smile:

I think it depends a lot on the questions when it’s about spreads. I don’t work with spreads that much anymore to be honest. I take the cards as I get them and read them intuitively. But sometimes I still use relationship spreads - to get more insight on specific parts - or some others. Celtic cross is also interesting.

You will find out over times which deck works good for which matters. Don’t doubt your abilities, try and find out what you are able to see :slight_smile:

I don’t have the true black tarot though.


I also own the True Black tarot deck and I find that the best way to make a reading is by combining the traditional meaning, your intuition and the “twists” you see in the booklet at the same time. The True Black is based on the Rider-Waite after all. I like it because it gives me the freedom to use different elements at the same time, something I don’t “feel” with other decks.

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Sighs my typos. Wanting more experience first instead of the occasional spot on reading was what I meant.

Should be however and not beiber. Swear my phone is a secret Justin beiber fan…

Thanks guys, I appreciate the insight :slight_smile:

I guess this is part of my issue, the freedom seems to free as a beginner with tarot lol.

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If you’re familiar with other forms of divination you could start by using your tarot as an explanation to your other methods instead of the other way around. For example I like using single cards as an explanation to my oracle cards. Tarot takes time anyways to be learned and probably a more traditional one would be better as a beginner. Your True Black will be there when you’re ready no matter what.

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That makes sense, and would probably be a better approach. Thank you

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