Trouble with astral sight and other rambling ;)

Hello again! I’ve really hit a wall with opening my astral sight with trying to get the energy field around me to enter into the pineal gland. I know I must be doing this wrong and there really has to be a way of seeing with astral sight that I have yet not tried. I have tried meditation but that only gives me glimpses of insight.

Also I must add, I need help with magick. I learnt myself energy manipulation but I feel I could do it better, but then it is over 7 months since I seriously started practicing. I would like to have a mentor but then who would want to teach me? Hopefully when the time is right huh.

Anyways early days as who ever came up with that saying says,

I recommend reading and trying robert Bruce’s “astral dynamics”. Very practical it’s an awesome read. I had alot of trouble with seeing and hearing too in the beginning. This is where energy work like reiki and rituals like the middle pillar can help you develop.
My eyelids would flutter out of control just before I’d be able to see or project. According to astral dynamics this is due to an energy blockage in the 3rd eye chakra. Bottom line was I just wasn’t ready. Patience and perseverance and without lust for result. Good luck my friend.


the blocks people have tend to be ones they created for themselves, for the longest time i would stop “seeing” when i realized that i was seeing images in scrying, i had a really bad issue of stop and re-start over and over for quite a long time. very annoying considering that i just saw things without really trying… to this day i’m not quite sure how i got over this and learned to just see and keep it in focus, i just do… i suppose not obsessivley trying to rationalise or intellectualizing the images but just moving along with them played a part…and just repetition…

energy manipulation, is the same as emotion and inner dialogue. learn from the source not the outcome and you’ll go a long way fast.


That’s very helpful thanks.