Trouble remembering Events with Entities?

Hey I’ve noticed that I often have trouble remembering things I did with entities.
For example entities pulling me out of my body to make me astral project but remembering little to nothing about the entire experience

I’ve researched this and found out that it might be due to a poor magickal/ shadow memory and I’ve asked to have this improved.

Does anyone know of any other reason I might be having trouble with this?

Not smoking pot are you?

No, never touched weed

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Well I can’t tell you why your having issues with remembering events but what I can tell you is to get a notebook/journal to record your experiences with spirituality. While it won’t fix your issue it will help you keep a record of the things you do remember. If those experiences come back to you and you suddently remember them then you can record them in your journal and you will have a clear picture of what happen.

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Seriously though… You’re probably right.
The best thing to do when you’re first starting out working with things you don’t fully understand is to write the experience down immediately after the ritual and forget about it. A lot of people can’t remember everything they’re shown simply because their experience is less visual and more physical feelings / aura feelings.

I used to have trouble remembering a lot of the things I did but I had a large increase in being able to remember them when I started writing them down and reflecting on them instead of thinking about what happened. It just made them distance memories that I could pull from with the important details and forgetting all of the rest.

Example : I tend to have anxiety before rituals and always go into a weird state previous to trance because I have severe over-stimulation in my brain 24/7 to begin with. A lot of my rituals that require me to focus on a single point always seem to leave me drained and with little to no memory of the over-all event so I started writing down the first thing I could remember and then the 2nd and the 3rd and so on until I couldn’t remember anything else and to me those were the important aspects.