Trouble Logging in to Site

I am having trouble logging in to: Login - Become A Living God

Is anyone else having trouble logging in or is it just me?

It keeps of saying: “waiting for” and then I get a timeout error.

I am using firefox, in case anyone asks. I also tried it with other browsers with the same result.

It’s not just you. From what others have said here, the site is in the middle of a software upgrade and that is why there are login issues.

I managed to get in to my account just now, but it was really slow and took a few minutes.

Thanks for the reply. I hope these issues are resolved soon, but glad to know that it is not just me. You never know when when “external internet influences” can muck things up. At least the forum is accessible.

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Yeah, someone spoke to the help desk and they were told it would take about a week to finish up so hopefully it will be good by Friday.