Trouble in trance with spoon for 14 years

I have been in trance with a tea spoon in my hand for 14 years and lost my physical self.It used to be a little bit more, I used to talk to myself all the time, Talking like there was someone next to me but I couldn’t see anyone next, It’s pressing when I go to the bathroom, Talking to myself for hours until I get out of there as if there really was someone next to me, Man can make his dreams come true in the astral realm and in lucid dreams, I do this with tea spoons when I take it in my hand and think about my dreams.Now I’m grown up and I really want to get rid of this I wanted to commit suicide 1 times and couldn’t succeed, If you seriously saw this, please help if I get saved one day I’ll really appreciate you.

I was caught in heavy electric current in June 2017, it is impossible for a person to live in this current when I was 15 years old.While I was in the hospital, I started daydreaming because of the extreme infection, my normal consciousness was lost.And 1 week I disappeared from the physical world, And someone came and told me these words. I love you like my own child just hold on, I’ll make you live.

35 thousand volts of electric current, The doctor who treated me rose so fast and got plenty of awards


Oh man! I cant say I know how it feels… all I can tell you is you survived for a reason! Its on you to find out what is your reason!

It doesn’t matter if I survive, I want to get rid of this bitch anymore

Search for banishing and find the one that suits you! Anything that is bothering you can be banished

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This bitch is in me and it’s managing me I never could get it out and I tried everything, Paimona said when I asked this it was a haunt from my lineage, I have to activate my third eye to see them. And probably a genie if I can talk to Azazel I’ll ask her to kill this being inside me and her kids

Good luck! You can do it! Its your body! You rule it!

whoaaa. Sorry man. Is that your body? :cry:

What exactly is in you?

Someone like a very different person dominates my soul and self and tries to distance me from my physical self.It closes my luck and my fortune, makes me give up my decisions

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Call on The goddess Sepheranz

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It’s getting in the way my friend is forcing me not to do it, I have extreme heartache when I start calling a presence, The being in me is afraid of what will come and prevents it

It cannot prevent Sepheranz trust me. She bends and controls reality death answers to her. Just chant the words “Sepheranz Moryazzena” several times. DO NOT BE AFRAID OR DEATH

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This is a battle you MUST WIN

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Sepharanz I’ll call him, what can I offer him, I just wanna live like other people man without this bitch inside me

Her she is queen.offer her your pain. Your flesh your kind soul. Everything. And a promise to fight beyond this immediately. Tell me how goes it

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I can’t call them at home, but I felt pain in my heart when I was doing new research that I will try outside tomorrow.I guess she doesn’t want me to work with these

Who doesn’t? You can call her anywhere anytime

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Tell me how to wake her up, I have family at home but I can try it in another room, if I get caught they’ll probably take me to the mosque.

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You can whisper and you can call her inside of your head. You don’t have to speak loudly.

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