Trolls at the gate - what to do?

Hi again

as expected, I find myself becoming unbalanced/ungrounded as I undertake to re-adopt magickal/spiritual pursuits

I just want to know if this happens/has happened to other people, and what can be done about it? Also kind of what it means?

As well, I see people make reference to things such as Shadow Work, but from what I understand, I sort of do that all the time in my life in general and I never seem to be able to get past it much. But maybe I don’t have a clear understanding of what Shadow Work is? I’ve looked for a good resource on Shadow Work but have not found

It seems like some of us just have to for whatever reason go thru difficult psychic transitions in order to progress/evolve/ascend


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Maybe I’m just drunk and reaching for notice, but check out my “Bulldozed by Baal” post, and if that don’t help, I’ll find you better directions.

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