Hey guys. I’m 99% sure I’m being trolled, but I need to ask for my own peace of mind. I made a Reddit post about my experience with Marbas. Then someone posted:

“Now check this, don’t blink, stop clacking your teeth: Theon yu hal sig

If you read that and actually pronounced the words in your mind, then he’s already gone. Not dead of course, but totally out of your sphere of influence.”

I would be correct in assuming this is bullshit, yes?

Edit: It’s bullshit, and he’s LARPing. I panicked for nothing… I guess I’m deathly afraid of losing the success I’ve had so far. Anyways, my mind is now at ease. Merci beaucoup.


Yes, you are being trolled.

Whoever wrote that to you is LARPing and think’s he’s in Dungeons and Dragons. He cannot prevent a demon from appearing to you by getting you to read some funny words on a computer screen. However, he can make you doubt yourself enough that you essentially place a curse upon your own abilities.

If something like that could really happen by telling other people who you are summoning, then this forum would completely cease to exist, as would any author who writes a book about their work with specific entities.

By the way, if you try to google the words, the only thing that comes up is the character Theon from Game of Thrones :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks; yeah, I figured that, but because I’m rather new at this, I figured I should check haha.

And yes, I did catch that - Theon Greyjoy. I am a very avid GoT fan!

My mind is now at ease. Merci beaucoup


LOL ya anyone using Theon Greyjoy is definitely a troll :wink:

Some actually do believe that nonsense but don’t let it bother you any.


Taking Reddit seriously in 2k18. Edit just saw the post definitely a troll “my god his power level’s over 9000” now you know he is underage too and probably some edgy kid. Congrats


Agreed. Time to delete my reddit account, I think. Lol


So many LARPers out there its insane

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gotta love trolling hail gods of trickery and darkness praise Kek and Loki

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In all fairness I am 37 years old and I still make the occasional “What? 9,000?!?!?!” reference.


fuck off I still watch lazy town videos and laugh at YouTube poops the spingebill ones are the best

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