Trinity Of Triangles Magic Circle

I was thinking about How you need A triangle as A palace for The spirit to manifest and then i saw this magic circle or triangle
I was wondering if it can be used in combination with The Universal circle as A palace for The spirit to manifest i mean any spirit not just The Old ones?

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From my understanding the trinity of triangle was channeled by S.ben.qayin for work with the old ones. Mixing it with other energies like what is in the universal circle, a quillpothic circle/triangle or another kind could potentially end like a bad science experiment.

That and from what i have read it sounds like the universal circle can be used in place of a triangle or as a magick circle. Dunno how many have experimented with it this way.

You don’t need a triangle, but it you want to use one, I recommend you simply use your energy to draw one, in the same way you cast a circle. In EA’s Works of Darkness, you visualize the circle as blue energy, and the triangle as red, but that is really up to you.

The Trinity of Triangles is specific to S. Ben’s work with the Lovecraftian current and the Black Book of Azazthoth and cannot be used for anything else.

EA’s Universal Circle has a mediator spirit bound to it that aids in bringing forth whatever entity is called. I use one in my evocations and I love it.

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me makes magick so much effective and better evocations!