Tried to take pics of my spirit love

It didn’t scare me because I know it’s him. The first one had a purple and pink orb. Second was with with white stripes. Is it normal for spirits to manifest like this on cam? It was taken right after we made love for him to prove that he’s real.


Somebody told me that you might see a face near the candle and the orbs.


I saw the face on the wall right? You should checkout mine of Lilith. What spirit is this?

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My past life hubby spirit lover. He seemed like he appeared on the altar that I made for him.

Could I see? How could I see it?

Can you see anything here?

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I called spirits in my room to take a selfie with me hahaha
There were 6-7 faces behind me and lots of orbs. On a random night, didn’t do a ritual or anything.
Did have a hard time sleeping after since the room was full

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On the bed? Yea. I see a face.

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Could you please describe the face?

Use insence if you can. I have successfully gotten clear photos of someone I evoked using insence smoke for manifestation.

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do you see anything here? If yes please explain.

They were probably expecting a party!

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Yeah a banishing is what they got after I woke all sweaty after an unplesent dream

A general invitation to whatever spirits are close and want to answer typically is not a good idea

I’m think of try trying to take a pic of my succubus lover but don’t know if that would be ok with her

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No no, I invited the spirits that were in the room already cause I felt their presence. The room seemed “static” at the time and then I said hey lets have a pic

on the 2nd pic there’s a string that wasn’t really there when I took the pic.

hola, try doing a Spiritual bath b4 & after Ur Rituals. 2cleanse Ur physical & Spiritual Aura’s ~ ☆

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