Tried to invoke Lucifer after initiating myself in to Satanism

So I initiated myself into Satanism with this rite

I then tried to invoke Lucifer via this chant and incantations and didn’t notice anything

How will I notice anything?


I mean, you don’t. In order to start noticing things, you need to try things other than to get initiated. I mean, summon a spirit, or try to get visions from the spirit world.


I agree with @Manosman. Being part of any religion doesn’t give you bonus points with spirits, nor does it automatically increase your astral senses. You need to try and open your senses; you can find tons of tutorials using the forum’s search function.


^ What they said. You need to develop your astral senses, learn how to get into an altered state of consciousness called Theta where you can receive info. A good way to start that is exercises to increase your energy, like kundalini practices. Otherwise it’s like asking why you can’t see the colours when your eyes are squeezed shut.


Yeah you’re going to have to put in some work. Meditate on King Lucifer’s enn, you can find this on Satan and Son’s YouTube channel.

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An initiation is, essentially a spell, which brings you into a new pattern. Which is to say, it gives you access to new things, new gear, new powers, new knowledge, new opportunities, new energy, and more.

You will definitely experience changes, but you might have to monitor your sensations and changes within them. Any new presences, energies, vibes, voices? Changes in mood? New symbolism being flashed all around? New tastes, sounds or smells, either appearing constantly, or out of the blue? Do animals treat you differently, do other people treat you differently, do spirits treat you differently?

These are just sample questions you can ask yourself, but your intuition is going to let you know what to ask. You have just been introduced into a new spiritual family, and brought into your life, and your being, a new presence which might change things, for the better. So pay attention, and if possible, exercise this power.


I agree with the above.

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