Tried to evoke Paralda 3 times this week


All 3 times I didn’t feel him at all. I asked him to help me see and hear spirits and help me astral travel.

First 2 times I used myrrh incense and today I used frankincense.

Faced east because Paralda is an Air elemental.

Tried gazing at the sigil while in my circle and didn’t see no flashing, tried repeating “Paralda come”, I must have spent of average 2 hours trying to make Paralda come each time.

What can I do to see and hear him and most importantly summon him?

I don’t think he came.


Always assume the spirit is before you when you call.

However, from your description, it seems to me that you are expecting some sort of phenomena when you summon a spirit and that is not how it works. This is not a Hollywood movie. You will not immediately notice any sort of effect or presence, because you are not developed enough.

You also haven’t mentioned if you were in trance or not. You have to be in at least a light altered state in order to properly open a spirit’s seal. If you are not, then it is unlikely you successfully opened the seal and summoned Paralda.


I am pretty sure I wasn’t in trance. Thats my problem. I can’t get into that state. Does the spirit only come if you get into trance?


Trance helps you to connect. Without trance, the seal is a just a few squiggles on a piece of paper instead of a line of communication with the spirit.

My advice is to practice entering into trance as often as possible. You don’t need to go deep, an Alpha state is all you need to open a seal.


You can use the following technique to enter in a trance, pick a mantra of your choice, empty your mind and repeat the word with your voice or in your head (what it works best with me is pronouncing it with my mind and resonating it in my spirit while i visualize each part of the mantra)

You can do it in a dark room with silence, in my case i can enter in a trance after 10 minutes of doing this operation with no interruptions.

Try it and give it a shot, you will notice when you are in a trance , let me know if it worked :innocent: