Tried to evoke Lucifer with sigil

So after hours of reading, i finally decided to start my journey from evoking.
Last night, i created a sigil drew two circles around it, between the circles i wrote the remaining constants of
“I’m Energetic and motivated” = “M NRGTC ND MTVD”
I wrote them in the circle in capital letters, during the creation i was thinking of my intention and imagining myself when i received it, after the sigil was created, i gazed at it slightly like a lover i noticed a white type barely visible flash which lasted like 0.1s but i thought its just my eyes playing games, as i gazed i became more sleepy all the while thinking about my intention and imagining myself when i receive it, i thought im in trance but then i noticed how it could be just me being awake for the last 24 hours and sleepy, i gazed for 5 mins no more colorful or white flashes happened that “vanish the circle for a second”
However i noticed my heart was pounding and as i layed down to sleep my leg was shaking abit, so i placed the sigil under my pillow and went to sleep in hope to receive some message or something in my dreams.
I had weird dreams mostly of my concerns such as uncompleted work, me worrying about it and there was alot more that i cant remember.

So my question is did the sigil really charged? it worked? or should i try it again? I read that the sigil can be kept and be gazed multiple times to charge it until the intention is fulfilled.

I sent you P.Ml

In my experience, when you start seeing wierd things, or even feel wierd things, then it means it worked.

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