Tried magick and failed, where to find help?

As I wrote, I’m not very good at evoking. In fact, I can not even contact my own grandmother, let alone a demonic king. But I’m determined to try anything.


That is a good start. Drive and determination are key. I noticed a couple things that could be causing issues.

If you can, try to change your own thought process regarding contact. If you think that you did not make contact, then your efforts will be defeated. Try to understand that the spirit does absolutely hear you, even if you cannot be aware of any ‘change’ in the room. In other words, you have to KNOW they heard you, even if you did not hear/see/feel anything. I’m not talking about having faith. I mean you have to know they are there.

Again, it could be your approach after the fact. When you ask them for help do you walk away from ritual hoping or believing that they will help, or do you walk away knowing it is already as good as done, even though your manifestation has not occurred? This goes a long way towards fixing the lust for a result.

Which brings me to lust for results.

That can make it very hard to get certain ‘images’ out of your head, especially at night before you go to sleep. Keep in mind that what you think about, you tend to bring about. So, not to be crude, if you can’t get the thought of your husband with another woman out of your head, then that is probably exactly what will happen.

This could help: curse, bind or banish her. Take her out of the equation. Just the simple act of going through the motions might be enough to tip the scales in your favor, even if only on a psychological level.

How are you visualizing it? Are you visualizing the scenario where you two get back together, or are you visualizing the two of you as old people, holding hands and surrounded by loving family as a single unit during the golden years of your lives together? Visualization is a tough one, and many people get hung up on this at first. It is the chief reason (along with knowledge over faith) that prayer fails to produce results. Also, have you tried visualizing yourself as your husband? This is a big one as well if you are looking to bend someone’s will.

I truly hope this helps. Love magick is tough, especially when the emotions are so strong and there is a real bond between the two that have broken up, but you have the right idea: do not give up!


Thank you for your advice, it makes all sense to me.
In fact, I believe the spirits hear me when I call them. However, I do not receive any answers, either in the form of a dream or a sign. I believe they are here with me. But I do not have the 100% certainty. I have no evidence or experience to support this fact. (I work as a scientist :-)).
From the ritual I usually walk away with the fact that I have done the best I could and that the energy which was inserted, sooner or later somewhere has to show up.
But again - nothing magical happened so yet, so there is no my personal experience.
As for the other woman - at this moment it is not important to me. The husband is important. But it would probably be good to spend some time and deal with her.
Regarding visualizations - I mostly visualize myself and my husband and our children (which we do not have yet) and our common family life.
Visualizing myself as my husband? I hear it for the first time. how should such a visualization look and what is it good for?
Once again thank you for your time and valuable suggestions.

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Would you like a recipe? I have an intuition about your case.

Thank you, any advice and help is welcome.

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I have sent a private message with a recipe. Hope it helps!

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Thank you, I just read it. I’m sure to try it, it looks like a very nice job.

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I my humble opinion you will benefit from working to yourself, to become more attractive, you know. :blush::pray:


Visualizing yourself as your target is a major key to domination magick. I cannot really explain it very well, but when you do this in ritual you are kind of overlapping your astral self on your target, in effect making your astral form influence their actions. It is not like remote control or mind control, but you essentially leave an imprint on the person that can influence them once you give their space back.

When you do this you want to basically see through their eyes, as if you were them. Look down at your hands and see that they are your hands. Get up and walk to a mirror and see that you are your husband. Once you get comfortable ‘in his skin’ you then go about performing the action you want to perform. If you want him to call you, you literally call yourself. If you want him to write you an email, you type on a computer. Make sure to include as many senses as possible. So, when you visualize a phone call, for example, make sure you are speaking with his voice. Props can help with this. During ritual visualization hold the phone in your real hand and pantomime the call, even going so far as to speak what you want to hear. If you are typing, take a computer (off is fine) and work the keyboard. But you really have to focus. Do not for one second slip back to being you until your (his) desired action is complete.

This could work well for you, because you are so familiar with your target and all the fine details about him. The more detailed and specific the visualization of yourself as him, the better.

I usually invoke a certain spirit for this, but if you are not ready for that you can still get results. This will work best while in trance. If you need a kick start before you do this, perhaps meditating on the sigil of King Paimon may help.

There are really no degrees of separation between you and your husband or anyone else in existence save what your mind imposes on itself. As within, so without. In science terms, think of this as a variant of string theory and vibration. It is all connected on some level.


Hi. I have to ask you something that was not covered and was my first thought when you said you went to a Voodoo priest and his magick did not work. Have you done any divination or channeling of the loa? (to see what the cause of the separation was or what the cause of the lack of success in your past workings was)

What was going on prior to his deciding that he was leaving and wanted a divorce? WHO came into your life and who did you have a problem with? This sounds to me … it wreaks of a hex to break you up, to destroy your life, and to block you. Did that voodoun do any kind of divination to see if you had been hexed? For some reason I do not think so… You need to be cleansed and cleared first before anything will work. I do not know how much time you have but that is what I would do. Hex break using a powerful deity. I use Santisima Muerte for things like that. The loa might also be able to help in this area, since you went to the guy already. But you can petition Santisima and do a breaking candle and give her offerings yourself. She will fight for you.

After you break what is binding you then you can do charisma spells and binding spells to bind him from pushing his lawyer. You can bind the lawyer and the court system to slow it down to give you more time.

You can then do spells to make him sweet on you, to think about you, and soften his heart. Binding him to you as he is now will NOT help. You have to change his heart first. Something like this may even require getting a real heart like the heart of a sheep or bull to represent his heart, and use that like a poppet putting your pictures and names, sugar, honey, red roses etc in it. But do the other things first.

Magick can not always be simple Hun. It may need to be done in steps. And there is this pesky thing called free will. If his will is stronger than yours this may give you problems… Oh!
How could I forget? You will also have to do a break up spell with his current honey. How long have you two been apart? She may not have JUST come into his life even though you just learned about her. She could be the source of the break up to begin with. Does she do magick? Bind her and break them up. Make their relationship a living HELL. Make them fight like fire ants and hornets…which are perfect ingredients for the box (coffin spell) that you put them in. Make him see the time with you was so much better than his time with her - what was he thinking?? Like I said. This working must be done in steps and it WILL require more than one simple spell or visualization. Although visualization of that sort will be necessary while you do the spells.


My advice: persist. Magic is hard to begin with. For most people, you can expect two years work before you start seeing any real power. Save your cash and work on your power, you’re female so the courts will favour you anyway. No worries.
Men are physically minded,and thus easily manipulated by magic. Take your time and prepare.


Becoming more attractive - it can be useful at any time :-).

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Thank you for the detailed procedure. It looks good, but not easy.
I have one more question.
You wrote that when you talk to ghosts, you have to know that they hear you, and that when you perform a ritual you have to know it is already as good as done.
At the very beginning, I asked one magician whether magic works even though I am not 100% convinced of it. (I was until recently a Christian with a negative attitude to magic)
She told me that magic works like other natural laws. Just as gravity works, no matter my conviction. So if I put some energy into magic, it must manifest somewhere. What do you think about it?

Thank you for many suggestions. I sent you a PM.

This is just my two cents on the original post

Shouldnt you think of why* you would rather circumvent someone’s will and make them stay with you instead of seeing why they are leaving and pushing yourself to be strong on your own?

Tbh, i sort of feel like you are limiting yourself. Ive had the same ideas, but for me they stemmed from my lack of pride and reluctance to accept my path (though i didnt know what my path was during the time, its fairly clear now). As soon as you stop looking for your defining answers from others, you begin to know your own.

Magick is a wonderful thing, and can open a whole new experience for you, but at the end of the day it is a tool, and its always useful to know another way to fix the problem.


Yes. Even if the energy you put into ritual does not result in a focused manifestation it still ends up somewhere. Even when a spell does not cause a manifestation for you (fails), rest assured that if you successfully did raise and release energy it does have an effect somewhere. That’s why we have to use focus and, IMO, be responsible. I truly do believe that we shape our reality with our minds, on multiple levels. Psychologically and literally.

That is kinda what i was thinking. Life is hardship, trial pain, loss and change. What fits today becomes stagnancy tomorrow, and as much as you feel comfortable in that now stagnant seat, the best thing for you is to step out of your comfort zone, get a little Uncomfortable and grow. There is no growth without challenge and change. But change is hard and scarey. So I offer options, still knowing that change will often come, no matter how hard one resists. Sometimes moving on is the best thing for you. But the choice on how one deals with the “Ys” in our path is ultimately up to the one choosing, so options and tools empower and assist. One way or another.


This is the general truth, and good advice which I also give my friends in simillar situation. So You’re right, but because love is primarily a matter of emotion rather than reason, the one who loves often seems to those whose emotions are not included, as without reason.
And the fact is that I love my husband.

I can definitely feel where youre coming from. Perhaps ive just hardened my heart too much and overcorrected due to prior heartbreak? Either way, thank you for the food for thought :slight_smile:
Good luck with your endeavors, trust your intuition

It is tough, but once you do a spell with a slight success it does boost your ego. And let’s be real. It’s good to be proud. When you are proud of your actions, you can produce more of it.

Now I understand why being Proud is a Sin.