Tried just about everything

I want to get back at my childrens father. This man has put me thru alot over the years…and his narcissistic self has a new supply. Instead of wanting it to work he left to begin something new…
Nonetheless I have:
Evoked Lucifer, Lilith, Belial(not at once)
Candle Spells
Break Up Spells
Laralos(Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book)
Paid two different people to curse him

He’s still with her…lol
I know by now I should give up…but I feel like I can’t have peace until I get repercussions…
Anyone with advice?

1- Things don’t work overnight :wink:
2- Maybe take it as a sign to focus on yourself and on other things? One of the things I really realized about this, is that the more spells I am doing the more I am realizing and detaching from things… I started with a 5 days love spell to ’ get an ex back ’ Now I am at my last day, and I don’t even feel like it’s something I want anymore, one of the demons even told me that my focus has been shifting in terms of targets and whether or not this is something I still wanna go forwards with…

Take this journey for yourself mainly

How much time did pass since your workings?

Also, some people just can take a punch better than others.

I understand. I have been healing. I went from wanting him back despite what he has done to me…to wanting peace and possibly another shot at love…
What hurts me is that he doesn’t want to coparent with me because of this girl. I tried to call him about our children(I’m guessing she was around the times I did) and he was just an ass. It wasn’t late at night, and I only call when it’s needed…

I know this is not what you want to hear and admittedly, it is not satisfying. But if he is a narc, he is a hollow person. He is an empty ego and he needs other people to help him feel alive. This is why they need to create chaos and drama all the fucking time. These people are not happy. I think that’s pathetic and I think it’s like being cursed.

I was involved with one a long time ago and there is life after the narc. I am not trying to minimize or dismiss the pain and anger you’re feeling. But maybe take this energy and do some positive workings for yourself? Why waste your energy on him?

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I dont allow much time to pass between. I have been going thru this forum and a couple of people suggested to keep attacking because he is a narcissist…

You sure he is a narcissist? I mean, was he diagnozed?

In any event, magick needs at least some time to manifest. Some people here waits months for their results. Some even more.

Its not too many that understand the abuse a narcissist puts on a person.
I have been trying to heal…trust I was almost overwhelmed with rage and anger!
I feel like I can’t have peace without something happening to him. My world was thrown upside down…and he left when I needed him most…to another woman…it hasn’t been that long since we separated…

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I attempted to get him into counseling and that was a no go. But researching and living with what I went thru…its uncanny not to think he doesn’t have the tendencies…
I understand what you’re saying though…

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THIS :point_up_2: is actually a good sign :joy: you’ll notice similar reaction to multiday cleansing and feelin displeased or even contemp for the ritual itself or break up or love rituals with the target getting agitated with you seemingly randomly or your desire for the original target of the ritual seeming to disappear. Your resolve has to be strong enough to go through the ritual once the emotional charge is spent in it if your doing one designed for a specific amount of time.
Emotional energies can drain through effort then ya need the will to finish the rite without the emotional kick stand proping you up cause you may have no desire for the target of a given ritual by the time you finish it at least not in the moment. That is cause ot was used for fuel in the ritual and you have properly detached from it. :alien::+1: relax have a drink and figure out what ya wanna do next in the mean time.

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YAS! Before I was so bent on getting that ex back, my whole emotional ’ power ’ or energy was spent on those rituals, and I did quite a lot of them, and the more rituals I did ( long ones ) the more detached I became since I spend it as fuel for those rituals…but for some reason the effects noticed are not the ones desired or for whom the rituals were targeted, but instead I got lots more attention from potential ’ partners ’ and I am just taking it as a sign that maybe that IS the way to go!

Once you’re done with your rituals, lay back and watch things unfold with certain conviction that it did work and things WILL unfold for the best :wink:

I would shift your focus onto something else. You have already put what you could out there. Spending time searching for results not only prevents you from moving on with your life, but it ultimately just feeds power to him. Once things come into fruition, you will know. Like @ReyCuervo put it, magic can take time. A pot takes longer to boil when you watch it, as my grandfather liked to say.