Tried invoking king paimon today

Never tried to make contact w king paimon but i figured what the hell. Did my usual banishing & cirlce casting, drew his sigil & a petition and lit the candles and incense.

This is the first ritual i tried in tandem w the seal of manifestation next to the sigil and i called forth to the king and began chanting his enn in my head having the enn playing on my phone too.

After about 10 minutes, my phone flew off my bed unto the floor. I looked at the candles and they were burning tall and the incense was dancing around them, making the candles flicker.

Ive never seen candles burn that tall before lol i was impressed. I told him the incense was for him & offered him some good chocolate.

Im not really all that good w clairaudience, so i just read my petition and burned it, and tried to meditate. I then thanked him & ended the meeting with peace.

Making my phone leap was enough for him to let me know he was there! Im learning new meditation excercises to develop my astral senses so i can commune better. Just thought id share w you guys


“do or do not there is no try” - Yoda

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Yes king

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Trynna be great like you king :slight_smile:

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Were all kings, king.