Tried first ritual

So I tried my first ritual to summon Sallos from DOM. Didn’t go well at all. Not the contact part. I didn’t even get that far because lighting my petition for the room to smoky and smelly. All I could think about was how my roommate would react being a huge b**** as always.
Is there a simpler and effective way to make contact where he’ll help me?

Chant his enn while gazing at the sigil , I did the same ritual and felt nothing aswell , then tried this simple way and really felt him !


What about any results with that method?

Actually the first one with DOM method was technically successful( didn’t get the exact result but now when I think of it , it wasn’t a failure, that also happened in just a few hours ) I only called duke sallos the second time to experience connecting with a demon energies!

Create your temple in the ether. Do all of your rituals in the ether too. No need for supplies that way.