Tried evoking Belial and Lucifer...nothing

No fog in the mirror or anything. I tried withhout the mirror, no presence. I said their enns, and EAs Incantation to Summon Forth. Could it be that I really have to work on my clairs?

Or maybe they manifest whenever they feel like it?

Maybe I’m just mssing blood on the sigil OR the incense…hmm forgot about that. I mostly used mirror and pendulum.

Neither of those things are required.

It does take practice. Very, very few people are successful at evocation right out of the gate. Even EA wasn’t.


Yes that’s a must in the community. You can try out spells and rituals which give small results and try to ‘flex’ your magick. When you learn a bit you can summon entities easily. The most important part of scrying is to look straight on the mirror and let the mirror be foggy. Your will will unfocused and dont try to focus it again. Then try evoking. Chances are you will get a small manifestation. Manifestations which are needed as per your mind to fully grasp the concept of magick. Hope you can learn much brother.



Yes it took me a 2 years nearly for a physical manifestation. It takes practice and one must continue to see any results.

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If you call someone on the phone and they make no sound but listen and then the phone ends without a sound, that doesn’t mean that they were not listening.


I see. I thought they were both ignoring me. Belial stomped in my room once and that was it. He wanted blood for the request I wanted. He finished it, took my blood and he was gone. Usual business.

I’ll continue working on it, though.

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Well the good news is they DO hear me and may subtly help me in my request, sometimes right? Im trying to work on my clairaudience for Instance. They hear my request but I cant hear them. Which means they still may help me outta the blue so to speak? Interesting

An initial difficult in communication was “confessed” here 4 Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power [EAK] - Become A Living God (and maybe also in the corresponding video) towards the end of the article, along with how E. A. used to work around it.

Astral senses?