Tried evoking Azazel

Hey All, Am new here and still a baby in spirit communication stuff. Yesterday at about 12AM midnight I tried evoking Azazel. The reason to evoke him was to help me with psychic abilities more precisely to be able to see and communicate with my spirits that are binded to me , and to be able to eventually conjure spirits, astra travel and so on.

I read some sites on what Azazel likes and I dressed a blue candle with olive oil and cinnamon powder, wrote his sigil on one paper and his enn on another paper, had another blue flower shaped tea candle, offered a new chocolate bar, green tea and sandlewood incense. I drew a circle with chalk and sat in the circle with my offerings and lighted my candles and incense and chanted the enn. I did this for I guess about 45 minutes. I did not feel anything significant except heavy pressure on my right cheek and lesser pressure on my left cheek towards the last 10 minutes or so of the ritual.

My newbie questions on this are:

  1. Did I do the ritual right?
  2. Did I evoke or invoke him?
  3. How long does he usually take to make his presence felt for people calling him for first time. Is it during the first summoning itself or only after some number of summonings? And usually how long do you meditate to call him?
  4. What do you think about the pressures in my face? It was quite noticeable to me. But does it mean he was present or was it just a coincidence due to the other spirits binded to me?
  5. What do I do about the offerings? Is it fine to wrap it in tissue paper and throw it in a trashcan? I live in an apartment, so burying will be a problem for me.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing inputs and advices from the experienced members of the forum.