Tried and tested spirit to track down an unknown hexer

So I have a shop and someone has been throwing hexes at it for a few months. Nothing I cannot undo but man, I am getting SO. SICK. of unhexing ever other week. Thing is, I work in a very crowded and competitive market and have literally no idea if it is one or more persons, or who they are, so I need a spirit who is tried and tested at tracking down hex throwers, or who would at least hang around my shop until the person or persons throw another hex, so it can undo their lives at a molecular level.

I don’t mind establishing a rapport with any such spirit (eg a deal as most here would call it) but I do need a very reliable entity which can move shit in a positive direction from, like, the first session onward.

I’ve worked with Vine in the past for something else but not much came of it, and same with Agares and Sabnock (not trashing any of these spirits as they all did something good for me, but they did not help with this. Probably because I didn’t have a specific target to point them towards).

The fact that I’ve been hexed has been confirmed through several divinations so I’m quite confident there is a target. It’s just so damn frustrating to not have a name or face for the little bitch (of whatever gender) that is pissing on my work.

You don’t NEED a name. That’s just a shortcut and cuts down on the time of the spell working. Just describe in full detail in your petition (should you choose to make one) or in telling spirits, demons etc… of “who” you wish them to go after which would be the person(s) attacking your business.


I should have mentioned that I did actually try that approach a number of times… So, do you have any advice as to what spirit would be best for this, in any event?

I would create a servitor for the job. You could attach it to your shop and then when a hex is thrown, it can track it back to the source and relay the information back to you for appropriate targeting.


They could be “hidden”. And if so chances are good (not guaranteed) you may know them. I sometimes use my witch name if my target knows me and i kind of muddy up my “trail”. I would also create a servitor like DK suggested. I would also put up protections around the perimeter of your business to stop the hexes from attacking it. Once you get a name go from there.


That is good advice. Do you know how it’d work for an online shop?

Can you put up a type of mirror energy shield so the hex constantly bounces back to them?


You can easily embed a sigil for the servitor within your website, like in a banner or something. Few, if any, would notice it.

The sigil would act as the anchor or housing for the servitor, and depending on how you design it, the servitor could remain dormant until a hex is detected, in which case it would then activate and track back the magick, kind of like a bloodhound program for a computer, which remains hidden on the hard drive until a hack is detected.


Yeah that’s again something that I’m familiar with doing in real life, but not so much on digital property

do you have any tips?

Good advice, thanks! :+1:


I hope it works.

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Don’t forget the site is it’s own entity, you can engage it and give it energy, or whatever it tells you would be good for it up to do a lot of this defensive work. These things can be quite wise and they know what they need to grow and thrive.