Tricky situation, work, scapegoat

So, just got promoted at my job as a closing manager which is great. Bad part is not even 2 weeks as manager, my deposit comes up VERY short. I was told push it through by store manager. 3 days later I’m closing and see someone who called out sick has a running till with no transactions, but, 3x the amount missing from the other day shows up in a drop for said sick employee. I call management, they show up and tell me to put it through it’s fine with a bullshit excuse that computers have to catch up.

When I got home I calculated everything down to the penny and figured out someone “floated” a balance and used me as the scapegoat. I spoke to a store manager I’m close with from a different company and bottom line my corporate’s loss prevention is gonna find it, I’m getting fired and possibly getting charges pressed. But, if I prove I’m innocent, I have a wrongful termination lawsuit.


Any spirit or dream team to help me get that lawsuit?

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Hi there, I read your post twice and I understand it somewhat but I feel you wrote it not remembering that most of us have no clue what those jargons mean. Quick question though is it that someone took money and then floated the money in meaning the money shows up on the system but isn’t actually physically there? That company sounds sloppy like everyone is on the take. Why are you sure you are going to be fired? Why are you sure this is going to be detected?

If you have an idea of the person gaming the system maybe do a ritual so that they expose themselves and lose their job. Maybe do a ritual for yourself in terms of justice, invisibility etc. Goetic spirit recommendation vuall

Floating is when someone steals, they use already counted money to balance out everything. Later when they can, they replace it so it’s all evened out. The amount was 564 and anything over 100 is instant termination and charges pressed once caught because it’s a felony in my state if I’m correct.

I was just gonna do something to expose them. But, I’m tired of people walking away with barely a scratch so screw that I want justice and $$$ for trying to fuck my life permanently.

Belial is your guy. He hates those who abuse their power over others.

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Cool cause my boss is going apeshit on me over her screw up on something else


My boss wants to have a face to face to “explain herself very clearly” because she’s “DEAD SERIOUS.” I responded back to her the in the exact way she was coming at me and now she’s disrespected because I didn’t hold my tongue. I’m very respectful and try my best to do the whole “treat others like you want to be treated.” If I lash out in a negative way, you fuckin deserved it cause I can tolerate A LOT of shit ,but, I will not tolerate being talked down to.

So, I did a candle ritual and called on Belial, wrapped it up and prepped his offering. My friend channeled him and this was his response: