Tricks no treats

Been using clearnow333 clearing videos, wonder if that is why some people here are seeing 333 or 111 or something similar here? I asked to have this forums cleared of anything negative or harmful just so we are all safe using these forums. BUT I may stop doing this as my communications with spirit has become blocked in totality, in other words I don’t hear from spirits anymore. I think I made a wrong turn there. Sorry if it affected any here. I meant only to keep the forums from being damaged by the hideous black boxes or worse.
Other things personally clearing myself seem to have gone wonky as well. Now how to reverse my stupidity?? If I asked not to hear any spirits then it works and now I wish I had not done so… doh. Trust me those videos and also my pendulum for clearing with commands really does work, mayhap too well. Ugh. I tricked myself out of communicating easily with whomever I want in future and am at a loss for what to do to undo. Crazy. I must un-command the command previously given according to that method. Oy! I’m stuck.

Try this chap for blasting through that, he’s in opposition to any kind of stagnation and stuck-ness:


Very interesting… thank you again! I’ll let you know how it goes asap when I see results. Really ticking me off this threat to my personal sovereignty being hijacked or whatever. Dangit, I’ll do as I wish with my life! Lol. Seriously makes me sad, mad and crazy feeling. Don’t need any negs in my aura or I’ll just fail rinse repeat.
:pray: :new_moon: :crystal_ball: :flower_playing_cards: :boxing_glove: BOOM. :wink:

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