Sometimes you gotta use what you got. That’s right… I made this lovely triangle out of nature to bring forth some of the most powerful entities.
Here’s why, sometimes you gotta put some people to sleep for a while.
At the point, I used Lucifer, Astaroth and Leviathian.

I called Lucifer first and asked to bring all perpetrators to light. The reason why I did this is we all have someone or people who ENVY the fuck out of us. So what’s a better way to destroy enemies? Use energies from a higher power.
Next I asked Astaroth to protect the circle and myself in case some asshole spirit tried to interfere.
Then I called Leviathian to be the judgement of the situation and decide weather or not these people deserved death or a kick in the ass.
I usually only work with one spirit at once because some can drain you easily.
I could get into heavy detail of this specific ritual but I’m not because it’s for someone else. This is just an example of what you can do to call forth some powerful energy in your life.
Yours truly, The Black Star…

Hail Soror,

That’s very important - doing effective Magick on the cheap and without unnecessary elaboration. Really freed me up. Love your post, Sister.


thank you.

Great stuff here.