Triangle of the Art

So I have a question about creating the triangle… I read that it should measure 3 feet on each side. Is this correct or can it be smaller as needed? Also reading some of other information on evocation including EA’s BALG book dont even mention using the triangle at all. Is that just an oversight or does that mean you dont necessarily need it?

Eh forget I said anything about how big it should be cause i see from another post it doesnt necessarily need to be that size but still curious if its needed at all and what inscriptions need to be on it.

As far as the size, granted sure, if you can get a 3 foot-long side triangle for manifistation, then great. Otherwise all you really need is a small traingle (say 9 or 10 inches per side) or one that can hold the incense that you’ll burn or the scrying mirror that you place in it. From what I understand of EA’s writings, the triangle is more for you and your our focal point than for the entity. Its sets a physical place (in the Operators mind) where you commune with an entity.
Now in the Complete Works (CW, page 34), it shows a picture of a triangle with a circle within the triangle and inscriptions at the 3 points within the triangle. It also mentions some stuff about constraining an entity within the triangle. In any case I think that a simple particle board triangle that fits the circumstances and environment that you have to work with, will do fine. I mean, I contructed mine a few days ago out of a particle-type poster board (about 1/4 thick) and its 9 inches long on each side.
Sure, would I like a large triangle for evocations? Hell ya!!. Do I need one to make my evocations work better? Probably not. Thats more dependent on the internal aspects of magick and what I’ve done up to this point to prepare for said manifestations.
Now will there be a point in your life where you won’t need a circle, triangle, or any other ritual tool for evocations? Yes. Is that point a long ways off? Oh Ya. The circle and the ritual tools and everything else help. They set the stage for the black magicain to get into that frame of mind. Its kinda like being an actor. If you have a stage, an outfit, and even a script, you as a person REALLY get into the role of being that character until you reach a point that YOU ARE that character and you become it and it becomes you. At that point, you no longer need the script, the outfits, or a stage. You ARE all of that, within yourself.

the Triangle is a relatively new addition to evocation, and I’ve honestly only used one maybe a dozen times, and then found it more cumbersome than anything else.

In the Mastering Evocation course, I’ll go over all of this.

One thing I’d really like to mention, though, is that I wouldn’t get too caught up in measurements and dimensions and angles. The gematria folk will argue with me all day long about this, but I’m of the knowledge that it simply doesn’t matter as much as many try to make it seem.

In reference to what EA says above about the Gematria Folk- “it simply doesn’t matter as much as many try to make it seem” or Reverse that, it may matter to them as they feel it needs to…

But I find that the more one refers to things that "get one in the mood" that the implication is that nothing really matter, its all made up, just as long as it helps the "human" think-feel a certain way (and thus there is No-Thing physical about the magick)  -which I'd disagree with.

 -if there isn't much of a magickal current surging, and/or an Entity either doesn't arrive or just sort of puts a metaphy finger in the area (vs Presence) then all the mental-state props do make a difference, as there isn't much else (or rather, not to diminish it, its a "psionic" work- ie pure mental generated)

 But the implication by many groups/writers out there is that that is all there is.... and yet if not in the "right mindset" and yet merely say-whisper/mumble certain words and feel a Contact, and feel ripples in the Room (and elsewhere) as well as feel like the ground is dropping away, and images even full on "experiences" just fall-into your Mind.  -that altars one's view at the same time the Magick is flowing (and that is the issue at hand).   
   One may create "astral temples" (which are actually self-thought-images, and may or may not be actually created in the "astral") and use all kinds of tradition, and as a result of that-   a Magickal shift can occur, but is that later a Causal-Result of the first steps? or just following ?   (post hoc est propter hoc vs "Post hoc ergo propter hoc" ie after this Therefore Because of this (?)  perhaps more a busy-ing of Mind out of the way, as well as tiring it so it letsgo)

So not that it doesn’t matter, but three groups: some things matter, if there is a “science aspects” ie not all in a human-person’s head… ex 2 chemicals combined… thus do some herbs/incense/metals/gems etc radiate certain influences on-their-own?)
(many say incense or color is like this, and Incantations (Eans, etc) are like this, and yet think that things like “Salt” or other Crystals ~quartz, have a physical affect…

incense, and color and such (metals, type of fabrics) may have an impact, but there just may not have been the research-experimenting (“science” of that) to detail what… without being tied into the 3 categories.

Secondly, some things only matter to the doers involved [both the human-person(s) AND any Entities…]
thus if an Entity says they’ll only help if there is a Triangle 6ft by 6ft by 6ft with X names in it and of certain colors… we’ll either they’ll giveway and allow it not to be, or “in that case” with that Entity its needed, but per reqs of those involved… Which may include More than Those Present (those connected are influenced and thus are involved… some how).

Thirdly, what may seem like matters and doesn’t, or just doesn’t (although it may be tangled up in cognitive mapping of issues in the other categories above.

how one gets to a result may not be clearly differentiated from what was needed to get to the result (and devel a skill vs doing the skill)

“How did you do that? Is that a type of Magick?” -Melody
-"Everybody has a different Idea what Magick is?"
from The Booth at the End

Thanks for the great information everyone and thanks EA for taking the time to chime in. It is good to know that while magick is real and a science it doesnt have to be exact to work and its more about mindset and intent.

As with the circle and nine being magical or something, even if that were the case, why nine feet? Units of length are arbitrary, and you could invent any unit of length to make a circle measure nine units.

Count Z,

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