Triangle Of Manifestation

I was meditating on a few things last night and This is some of what came to me:

What you Will need

● You

What To Do

Meditate and See in your Mind, the Entire Light spectrum Visible and Invisible. Once you sense it on any level, compress it into a Single point in the air in front of you.

Do th Same with The Darkness, compressing the entire spectrum of it into the Light, merging the two.

Command that point to Solidify and Stay put.

Sound: Sub Sonic and Hyper-Sonic

Focus and See in your mind the Entire Sound Spectrum and compress that into another point at your side. Command it to stay put and solidify.

SpatioKinesis: Sub Space and HyperSpace

Sense all Matter around you and compress it into a point at your right. Command it to stay put and solidify.

What you have done is create a Fundamental Manifestation Base using different Elements. This is the raw shit with which spirits materialize.

But you arent done yet, Heres the Next Part:

Stay in the triangle, feeling its power.

"I command The Light and Darkness of Diablos to Enter and rise within and without. Bring my vibrations to and past Critical Mass.
Let the Light of God rise within and without. Rise within me now.

Feel the Insane Power overwhelm you.

Continue on:
"I command the Sound Spectrum of Hell to fill this temple and take it to and pasa critical mass. Debase this temple and take it To Hell.
Let the Sounds of Hell rise within and Without.
I command the Angels to blow their trumpets and shout. Let the Celestial Sounds descend and Create an Unstoppable explosion of Fire and Rain, destroying all blockages in and outside of me.

Hear the Angels horns and the Devils Screams mix and come to critical mass.

Continue on:
"I command the Wormholes and gates of Hell to form in this space and tear this Temple to shreds. Carry these vibrations through Hell and Back. Take this temple to every hell in existence.

Feel the Wormholes open and black holes appear.

Let all this power swirl about you until you feel like you cant take it anylonger. At that moment,
will everything to collapse and explode.

Feel the wormholes collapsing, black holes exploding, etc
Pushing the vibrations past what is reasonably possible.

End the Meditation and Stand up



Pls take the fuckin time out to try this. Its simple and very powerful. You dont need candles, tools, nothin. You dont even need to vizualize well.

I did this and my knees are weak lol

Report the results that you all have :metal:


Holy s**t that sounds insane just reading! Im interested to try it but if you are asking for your temple to be torn to shreds, wouldn’t that have a negative effect on You? Sorry if stupid question but still learning.


It would not
Itll feel negative but its actually empowering


Thanks for the explanation. I will try this. It’s strange you posted this today because lately I’ve been feeling blocked in my magic - as if I have some blockages in me that stops manifestation or Something… This sounds like it may help. Thanks.