Triangle of manifestation S. Ben Qayin

hi there,

i want to know if the triangle of manifestation by S. Ben Qayin can work, if i evoke venerable King Paimon?

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Salutations! I have recently seen some interviews with Mr Koetting that he has exposed Mr S.Ben Qayin is an absolute fraud. I wouldn’t put any value in Mr. Qayin or his teachings. I’m sorry to be the one to let you know , but am glad to guide you to a more reliable path within other true ascending masters.

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@Quindecim Yes, you can use S. Ben’s Triangle of Manifestation. However, it was specifically created for use with his system of Lovecraftian magick so the energies might be quite a bit harsher than the usual demonic circle.


thank you, i think for me its better put the triangle in the freezer.

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uhmm… well i saw a video of EA where he talked about S. Ben Qayin, they did a ritual.
EA said he was in fear and the end he said S. magick is real.

i saw a video of Nate Bales with S. they where discussing S. Book smokeless fire.
Nate said that he could feel the corrosive effects of those spirits.
Also Nate Bales said the he and S. are long time friends. If S. was a fraud than Nate will knew it.
And i dont think they will be long term friends.

I did read that S, was not longer on the Balg, But not read the reason


I seen the video where Mr. Koetting was praising Mr. Qayin, but that was a past video. Mr. Koetting had stated his falling out in his recent postings on you tube. Mr. Bales is credible. Ill double check on the exact you tube video live chat Mr. Koetting stated his falling out with Mr. Qayin so you may see it for yourself☆ I truly hope i didn’t disappoint you with the bad news about Mr. S.Ben Qayin.

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Ive used book of smokeless fire. S. Bens work is just as powerful and useful as Balgs stuff.

My advice take it or leave it. Try everything out yourself. Dont take anyone elses word for something. While they may be well known and respected. They are not you. And their magick will not be like yours. If it works and is powerful for you then do it.

Who knows what beef EA and S. Ben have and who cares. Other than S. Ben didnt like with Balg. I got no clue and dont care. When pettiness leaks over into bussiness its childish on both parts. Let it go. I dont want to listen to anyone down someone elses work. My magick is not your magick and thats ok.

I tend to like S. Ben’s work. From what ive done with it. And he got me hooked on the Necronomicon which I’m still walking the gates of. So if for nothing else he did inspire that in me. Which has been a major game changer.

And I’m not knocking EAs work either I have had great success with his consultations and advice. And its worth it if you get the money.

But don’t let boys being boys stop you from doing your magick how you want to. And anyones opinion about someone else is just that an opinion. Take everything with a grain of salt and do your magick the way you want to. No matter where the material came from.

You do you. Because at the end of the day your the one responsible for it. Not EA or S. Ben or anyone else. You.

If you like it then roll with it.


How is EAs word the absolute on anyone? Is he judge and jury now? Take everything with a grain of salt. People can fuck up that doesnt mean every work they have ever done is no good.

Blind leading the blind. Find out for yourself what is true and what isnt


Watch at 1hr34min where Mr Koetting explains the falling out between Mr.Qayin and B.A.L.G. if interested.
I can understand your objectivity concerning S.Ben Qayin .

I apologize for taking so long to find the video lecture presented by Mr Koetting on the most current objectivity concerning Mr S. Ben Qayin.


No problems, BALG has vast amounts of video material so when someone told me it was in a chat, I realised asking for a link was an unreasaonable request, so thank you for posting it anyway, hopefully @Quindecim can check this and make their own mind up. :+1:

(Fwiw I have no opinion on this subject whatsoever, I don’t recall ever using SBQ’s work.)


I love you dedication! How did you find it? Did you binge watched 16 days balg videos?

Thanks and may fortune bestow upon you

Minor recommend: a timestamp than we :+1:


I took a couple days off here and there, but I did look into each lecture consecutively. I respect each and every contributor to B.A.L.G and was just informed by the AMAZING Lady Eva that there are two sides to every story. I value each of us as family members here in the forum and would be disappointed if anyone was misguided or misinformed in any way. I must admit I never have had any services performed by Mr. S. Ben Qayin on my behalf, so I could never judge his integrity personally. I just wanted to present what I seen and heard from Mr.Koetting’s uploaded videos. I hope I’ve provided some caution, but also live by a personal motto- Don’t knock out till ya try it. Stay safe and remember, if anything, Lady Eva is the BEST resource on the forum☆


Well spoken, eva is the goat of the goats