Triangle of Manifestation Question

Hey guys,I was wondering what some of you use as a Triangle during evocation.I rent an apartment so I can’t paint on the floor.I’ve tried using some black cardboard and cut it into a triangle,but it looked sloppy,and really took away from the feeling of the ritual.I’m currently just using a triangle I drew with a black sharpee.Any suggestions?

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I cut mine out of a 1/2" sheet of wood, sanded and painted it. You can get half sheets at Lowes so you don’t have to pay for a full.

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I’m not a carpenter by any means lol.Would Lowes do the work for you?If not how much were your expenses on the project?

I draw mine in the astral plane before evocation. I used to use poster board and then tape, then flour. It has always worked fine for me.

They hardly ever stay in the triangle anyways…

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Yeah I know that the triangle just sets in your mind where the spirit will appear,but since Ihavn’t had a physical manifestation yet I figured it might be important in the beggining.I just got the Mastering Evocation course,and can’t wait to get off work here in about an hour so I can delve right in!Plus I got my UC the other day,so it’s REALLY on now!

Cost me ten bucks for the wood and paint, and a few minutes of work with a jigsaw and palm sander to make it. Then a little more time to paint.

mine is made of basic crafting board its sturdy enough and holds ink really well i and it only cost me 2 bucks at dollarama so if it breaks or anything buying a new one should be no effort