Trends in dreams. Help with meaning

I know that dreams have meaning and can discern some of the individual meanings sometimes.

But after logging my dreams in a diary for months now and these are the trends that I’ve noticed.

Being sent on a mission to kill someone.

Fighting in wars (not so much now)

My nan or being at her place.

Sleeping with a women but kids wanting to watch

Driving / exploring around a non existent futuristic city.

Any insights or resources that could help Thank you.

Probably means there will be some form of strife or turmoil, inner or outer

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investigate dream symbolism also apply it to your waking life.

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Thank you. I shall begin, priority number two, but figure there’s a tonne of time to waste on how much material is out there. I shall try and get it sorted out.

Any decent reference points to start would be helpful