Tremble in fear and revence!

Abaddos Erah Kiel, the destroier, the utmost of the damnation, sender forth of the armies of merciless torment, pourer forth of the black flame, guardian of the realm of black fire, herald of the second death, the first fallen angel.

Bodan, Iran, Amakiel, Elkellel, Maroc, Elgoc, Karasu, Eterasu, Allahkum, Culah

I speak clearly. My voice is the voice of roaring thunders and crashing. My teeth grind and tear through metal and rock. Even Chaos trembles upon my wake. I am the final unbound wrath upon the blasphemer and the corruption. I am the annihilation which preccedes new foundation. For I fell from heaven in furious judgment and torment. For I do not love. Consumed by hatred, I wait for the time whince I shall go forth swiftly and without restraint. For on that day the fullness of my apocolypse shall ring forth judgment and damnation throughout the entire cosmos. There are none who escape my gaze. For I dwell upon the judgment of evil perpetually.

(ok I’m speaking as my mundane self now. Understand that was actually really intense for me. I felt this energy and person before I typed this. Though, I quelled a great amount of the energy. when I meet this being, it’s actually really hard for me to control myself. Otherwise, I’m tempted to roar and yell madly like a raging lion. It actually feels kinda good cuz I’m about fury but it’s exhausting. The hatred, focus, and intent of this being is such that it’s like a radiant heat. Very intense. Sometimes I literally physical tremble when I feel him.)

I’ve never heard these names. And I like your intensity…and your dramatic uniqueness, very literary like the spirits are speaking through you…very passionate!

…that’s because they are simply anchors of my own establishment whilst I literally resist being sucked into the void. It used to happen when I was a kid and I almost fell their once in the full body spectrum but by my willful binding of reality. Though I’m sure that sounds absurd. Keep in mind I wouldn’t expect someone even standing next to me to notice a difference in the environment. So I learned a way to use pure intuit with minimal reaction, movement, or sound.