Treat Itching and pain

So I thought I’d make a separate thread on this and teach you guys something I learned. I don’t know if it’s buer that taught me but I really feel buer taught me this since we are working together to heal my new tattoo. It works for me but I can’t speak for absolutely everyone so try it yourself if you have a fresh tattoo like my case. Or if you have some sort of skin pain or irritation that is too intense so you don’t have to itch it or get it infected.

So this itching is insane and it would make sense that buer taught me this cause I asked if he can also prevent infection to the best of his abilities and to speed up the healing and I think that’s why it’s itching like CRAZY like really itchy. And obviously scratching it is going to lead to infection so I learned this and it works for me so maybe one of you can try it. I’m sure it’ll work on an itch not just from a tattoo. Or maybe other pains even. Try it.

Essentially I received the instructions to close my eyes.

  • focus on the itching sight. The sight that is IRRITATING LIKE CRAZY

This won’t permanently stop the itching of course but it’s like a short temporary fix if the itching gets too bad. It’ll probably go back to really itchy again but this is great if it becomes overwhelming in my opinion. Comment below if you particularly had any success with this cause I do😊 it’s not a MAKE THE ITCHING STOP FOREVER or dramatically less the itching but it makes it slightly more moderate and the effects last a while.

  • imagine such itchiness or pain is an energy like an aura of red gas hovering around the sight growing brighter and brighter

  • inhale. As you inhale. Imagine this red gas traveling away from the sight to the center of your chest forming a ball

  • exhale pushing that red gas out of your mouth into the ether.

Do this as many times as comfortable.

Let me know what you guys think! :slight_smile:

Ps: I’m just told this also supposedly works for moderate pain to your skin such as various skin conditions if the pain or itchiness is too intense. It’ll give you a momentarily break. This isn’t to permanently relieve pain. It’s to relieve the pain or itch temporarily to give you a small break if it gets too intense so you’re drawn from touching or itching so it doesn’t get infected

P s s: I put this under spirits cause technically a spirit taught me this on the spot. Move it as you may admin or mods

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